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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The five best fishing pontoons that money can buy

4 julio, 2021

Pontoons are some of the most versatile boats in the boating world. There are different types of pontoons and customizations that can serve a wide variety of purposes. Many anglers choose pontoon boats as their vehicle of choice for precisely this reason. Basically, the fishing pontoon boats could be equipped exactly for the type of fishing you prefer, whether you like to go to the lake, the river or even the open sea. If you’re looking for a better way to fish and not just fish, it might be time to get into the pontoon craze. Here are the top five fishing pontoon boats you can buy for your money.

1. Lowe Boat Sport Fish 232

The Lowe Boat SF232 offers a multipurpose angle. This pontoon boat makes an excellent fishing boat, but it can also be your typical water sports and lounging boat. With an overall length of 23 feet 7 inches, this Sport Fish Pontoon can carry a fishing group of up to 13 people. With plenty of space to sit on the daybed, the pontoon is set up for lounging and relaxing in the front with the party in the rear. There is only a couple of pedestal seats in the rear, allowing a couple of anglers at a time to get serious about casting and catching. But there is no reason why you cannot use the rest of the boat for easy fishing.

Lowe Boat Company guarantees some of the best boat construction in the industry and they also offer incredible prices. The Sport Fish 232 retails for $ 25,105, but you can easily get it for low monthly fees. The Sport Fish 232 is also available for customization and a host of color options.

2. Outcast Pac 1200 pontoon boat

Marginalized boats are known to build specific boats for fishing. You get some advantages when you go with these types of boats instead of multipurpose pontoons. For one thing, portability will never be a big problem. Fishing pontoons are typically much smaller and lighter than full deck pontoons. This whole platform only weighs about 144 pounds. At 13 feet 25 inches in size, the Pac 1200 pontoon is equipped for 1 or 2 anglers. Even if you wanted to take this boat on a solo fishing trip, you simply have to pull out the removable front seat. There is a small aluminum platform at the front of the boat to give you some relief when sitting down and some leverage when you have finally caught the big one. For only $ 3,500, you really can have an amazing boat for all your fishing adventures.

3. Premier 220 Cast-A-Way

If you prefer to fish in comfort, the Premier 220 Cast-Away offers that and more. Admittedly, this pontoon is a hefty expense of roughly $ 50,000 depending on the model year. However, this pontoon is equipped with two incredibly comfortable fishing chairs in the aft section of the boat. There’s a specifically designed bait prep station for easy central access, and it hides a built-in live well to keep your bait fresh no matter what you use. If you plan to go fishing all day, there is an additional live well located at the helm to keep all your bait alive and fresh. This pontoon is also equipped with a sink, a useful station that not many pontoons have, even those specifically for fishing.

The built-in rod holders are especially useful when taking a break from fishing or if you just want to rest your rods after a cast. There are even tackle trays on the pontoon to help you organize all your fishing gear. For the avid angler, the Premier 220 Cast-A-Way has an amazing fish finder to help you head where the fish are jumping. Pontoon fishing really can’t get any better than this.

4. Lowe Boat Sport Fish 234

The SF232 was a multipurpose boat, but the Lowe Boat Sport Fish 234 is definitely and undoubtedly the ultimate fishing boat. With a total of 4 fishing chairs, 2 at each end of the boat, this pontoon is made for angling. At 23 feet 7 inches in total length, this Lowe Boat has ample room for your best fishing friends. There are plenty of storage spaces for your rods, tackle, and baits, and there’s also an optional sink area if you’d like. There are additional seats on this boat for those who want to relax or for those who came to hang out. This living room is equipped with a small table to prepare drinks and / or tackle. The pontoon has a Bimini top to give it some shade during the hottest hours of the day, so you can be sure it’s recharged for your …

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