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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The five most expensive airlines in the world

3 julio, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel first class with the most expensive luxury jets? This is the number of the rich and famous who fly from one place to another, but there is a high price to pay for this incredibly comfortable form of transportation. You don’t have to have your own private jet to travel in the lap of luxury. Here are the five most expensive airlines in the world and why they can charge such high prices for tickets.

5. Cathay Pacific Airlines

The fifth most expensive airline in the world is Cathay Pacific Airlines. You can expect to pay a cost of $ 26,572 for a round-trip ticket from Hong Kong to New York City on this airline. It’s a 14-hour flight that takes you to JFK International Airport aboard a luxurious Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. For this price, you will enjoy a spacious cabin area with first-class accommodations. Try taking a nap on a spacious bed, enjoying watching a program on a flat-screen TV, and enjoying gourmet meals and a selection of international wines as you pass the time on your trip.

4. Korean Air

Korean Air is slightly more expensive than Cathay Pacific with the cost of a first class ticket from New York to Beijing costing $ 27,000. For this hefty fee, you’ll have the privilege of relaxing in a luxurious cabin with plenty of space, fully reclining seats, and some of the most incredible meals that rival the offerings you’d expect from a five-star restaurant. The oriental dishes served have received rave reviews from travelers. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of wines from their extensive list for first-class ticket holders. Korean Air is one of the most desired airlines because it pampers its first-class passengers. Of course, cheap tickets are not that high for the airline.

3. Etihad Airways

If you want to fly from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi aboard Etihad Airways, be prepared to pay a $ 28,090 fare for a round-trip ticket. Of course, the airline realizes that the majority of passengers traveling to the UAE capital are likely to go there on business. It is probably within your budget, if you have one, to travel first class and pay the prevailing rate. This high-price markup allows you to enter the airline’s flagship, which is fully equipped with deluxe accommodations including split first-class passenger suites. 23-inch cinema screens for entertaining passengers and guests a aboard the flight are invited to help themselves. their own private mini bars. Upholstered leather furnishings add another touch of luxury, and when it’s time to eat, first-class passengers receive an à la carte menu with a variety of oriental cuisine.

2. Emirates Airlines

If you plan to fly from Los Angeles, California to Dubai on Emirates, expect to pay around $ 30,000 for a round-trip ticket. The second most expensive airline in the world charges a hefty fee for the 16-hour direct connection. It’s nice when you don’t have awkward layovers and connections, and many VIP businessmen and famous personalities who can afford the cost are people you are likely to see if you join them on a flight. When preparing for a nap or longer rest, there are flat mattresses at your disposal, plus in-flight spa and vanity facilities to make you feel more like a flying 5-star hotel. The fleet that offers these luxury accommodations consists of 777, A-380 and A340-500.

1. Lufthansa Airlines

A Lufthansa round-trip ticket from JFK in New York to Hong Kong aboard Germany’s flagship aircraft will cost you $ 43,000 if you travel first class. However, you won’t have to wait until you get on the plane to enjoy the benefits of first class. They employ a crew of personal assistants on the ground who will be happy to set up their education and a separate seat for the flight. You’ll be in love with the environment during your tip with onboard air humidifiers, specially designed toiletries kits, and the most incredible meals ever served on an airplane flight. The luxuries are immense, but the cost is also incredible. We cannot forget to include the special selection of wines that you will have to choose from, nor the fact that you are treated like royalty throughout the trip.

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