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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The history of the Ferrari logo

6 julio, 2021

One of the most recognizable logos in the world is the simple prancing hose that is featured as a trademark symbol of magnificent Ferrari automobiles. These vehicles embody elegance, class, style and power. Although the logo may seem simplistic, there is actually quite a bit of history behind it and it is worth retelling. Each element of the Ferrari logo has a meaning and significance for the founders of the empire. Unless you know the story behind it, they may not mean much. There is a fascinating story that explains the meaning of the horse.

The story of the rearing horse

This story was once shared by Enzo Ferrari. He met the parents of a pilot named Francesco Baracca during World War I in 1923. This heroic man was of noble blood as his father was Count Enrico Barraca. He also met Countess Paulina, who was Francesco’s mother. It was here that Ferrari first saw the rearing horse. It was the symbol that was painted on the fuselage of Bracca’s fighter plane.

She told Enzo that she would like him to use the same image of the horse in his race car. She assured him that if he did, it would bring him the best of luck. Enzo followed his advice and this was his inspiration to use the black rampant horse as a symbol of Ferrari cars. At the time of the match, Enzo Ferrari had just completed and won a race in Ravenna on the Savio track.

He was not allowed to use the symbol until eleven years had passed. At the first opportunity, Alpha could use the symbol that made and won the race. Believing that it had indeed brought him luck, he kept using it.

A representation of admiration and courage

Ferrari added a background of canary yellow as it is the color of the city of his birth, Modena. He also added the letters SF which stand for Scuderia Ferrari. This symbol had even greater significance since Count Francesco Barraca died at a very young age. He led several valiant battles for the Italian air force and was shot down after completing thirty-four victorious missions. Barraca was a national hero and had earned a reputation for bravery.

More in-depth on the history of the rearing horse

Baracca may well have been inspired to paint the rampant horse on the side of his fighter when he saw the design on the plane of a German fighter that had been shot down during the war. In addition to this, the Baracca family was very wealthy and kept a large stable of horses. They were avid horse lovers.

Explanation of the coat of arms of the Scuderia Ferrari of the city of Stuttgart

The city of Stuttgart remained with the rearing horse as its emblem. It was also used by the car manufacturer Porsche, which is from Stuttgart. The name of the town itself is a version of the old German word Gestut, which means horse farm (related to horses). When translated into Italian, the word is Scuderia. These are the believed origins of the name.

Other uses of the rearing horse

Ferrari cars weren’t the only company that used the unbridled horse. It was also used as a logo for Ducati motorcycles. It is not known why Fabio Taglioni abandoned the use of the logo, but it is assumed that it was due to an agreement between gentlemen to allow Ferrari the exclusive use of the brand logo. The rearing horse is now the trademark logo for Ferrari cars.

Differences in the symbol of Ferrari and that of Baracca

Enzo Ferrari made some changes to the rearing horse symbol that distinguished it from Baracca’s. The horse that Baracca painted on the fuselage of his fighter was red and wrapped in a cloud. Ferrari decided to go for a black color. It is believed that the reason Ferrari chose the color black is because it is the color of pain and mourning. Baracca’s untimely death left many of his fellow airmen in great distress, as well as his parents, other family members, and friends. The horses also had different markings, including differences in the tail. Baraccas pointed down, while Ferrari did not.

Ferrari horse meaning

The Ferrari horse is also a symbol of power, speed and a sense of sportsmanship. This is the interpretation most commonly associated with the vehicle and the logo is strongly associated with these features. Most avid fans of Ferrari cars are not familiar with the history of the logo or the story of Baracca’s rearing horse, but are familiar with the performance and styling of Ferrari vehicles.

Explanation of the other elements of the logo of …

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