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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The most expensive slices of pizza in the world

6 julio, 2021

Pizza is one of the most popular types of food in the United States and in many other areas of the world. The modern version of the food was invented in southern Italy, consisting of a flat cake that is made from a yeast dough and topped with toppings, such as cheese, meats, vegetables, seasonings, among many other ingredients. There are several variants of the food, and you can get quite creative with this dish to make your own special pizzas. If you are a fan of pizza, you may have tried pizza from all kinds of restaurants and from

Kobe Beef Steak Pizza The World's Most Expensive Slices of Pizza

10. Kobe Beef Pizza – $ 66

You’re going to hear about gold flakes being placed on top of the ingredients in some of the following pizzas, but this one doesn’t have that kind of quirkiness. It’s a bit basic, comparatively, but it’s still so much more than a regular Dominoes pizzeria. At $ 66, it would be considered quite expensive, but that is because it is made with Kobe beef and is sold, yes, Dominoes, however, only in Japan. It is considered a luxury pizza and apparently the cows that provide the meat are said to actually be fed beer and then massaged into marbled meat that is juicier and more tender than other meat. Along with Kobe beef, potatoes, and onions are in this cake and it’s a popular choice for customers.

The Magic Gold The most expensive slices of pizza in the world

9. The Magic Gold – $ 108

We all think of pizza as unhealthy, and that’s because of all the crust, cheeses, pepperoni, and other fattening toppings that can be put on pizzas. But this one turns out to be a bit healthier. It’s in a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, and not only is it gluten-free, but vegans can partake of this pizza delight too. All the ingredients are organic and for a more expensive garnish you get a gold leaf on your pizza that you can eat too. This pizza costs $ 108, which while not as expensive as some on the list, is definitely one of the top contenders.

Triple Mille Feuille Pizza The most expensive slices of pizza in the world

8. Pizza Triple Mille-Feuille – $ 140

The only difference with this pizza, which is in Japan, is the layers of crust and what is between the layers. It is a three-tier crusted pizza where you can find delicious cheeses inside. Ordering just a plain cheese pizza won’t cost you the full $ 140, however when you order the pizza with all the toppings they offer it will increase the price up to $ 140. A downside to ordering it with the full load, it will be much more difficult to order. eat, but there are many people who do because it is a very popular menu item in Japan.

Gordon Ramsay's Pizza World's Most Expensive Slices of Pizza

7. Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza – $ 250

If you know Gordon Ramsay, then you already know that he has been ruling the culinary world for a few years. One of the most popular chefs in the world, there is a pizza that bears his name, and it is in his own restaurant, the renowned Maze restaurant, located in London. Although it had been listed as the most expensive pizza at one point, it has dropped down the chain of expensive pizzas. What makes this pizza so expensive is the truffles that you get in this cake. It is then topped with Italian onion puree, a white truffle paste, fontina cheese, fresh herbs, buffalo mozzarella, and mushrooms. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but the flavors supposedly work very well together to create a delicious pizza that will cost you $ 250 to try.

The C6 pizza The most expensive slices of pizza in the world

6. The C6 – $ 450

The C6 almost sounds like the name of a fighter plane, but it is actually the name of an expensive pizza that can be found at Stevetson Pizza in British Columbia, Canada. This is another cake that uses lobster as the main ingredient. Other toppings you’ll find on the pizza include smoked salmon, tiger prawns, Russian caviar from Osetra, and Alaskan cod. Sounds like a seafood delight, really. If you like seafood on your pizza, you can give it a try and it will only cost you $ 450 to get a sample of this very expensive and highly recommended pizza pie.

Nino Bellissima Pizza The most expensive slices of pizza in the world

5. Pizza Nino Bellissima – $ 1,000

If you love lobster, this is a pizza to your liking. Not only is this pizza beautiful in its design and colors, it features two lobster tails, plus you get six types of caviar on the pizza to satisfy even the most expensive taste buds. You can only get this particular pizza at Gino’s restaurant, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It’s the traditional one, 30cm (30cm) and made with a thin crust, which is probably a good thing, considering it’s loaded with so much lobster and caviar; thick crust would probably fill too much. It’s been said that it actually costs around $ 720 just to make the pizza, so when you pay $ 1000, the restaurant only makes $ 280 for each pizza that is sold.

Pizza Royale 007 1 1 The most expensive slices of pizza in the world

4. Pizza Royale 007: $ 4,200

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