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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The most expensive Vertu mobile phones ever made

5 julio, 2021

Vertu Mobile was established as a boutique brand for the Nokia cell phone company in 1998. Vertu produced its first cell phone, the Signature collection in 2002. The Signature phone uses Android technology and has primarily basic features. Many of Vertu’s more expensive phones are nothing more than the basic 2002 Signature mobile phone dressed in leather and expensive jewelry.

Vertu promises phones “handmade in England” and that’s what they offer. Each cell phone is completely handcrafted and designed to represent luxury. Vertu’s small factory is located just outside the picturesque village of Church Crookham in Hampshire, England, which is 40 miles west of London. Vertu Chairman Alberto Torres overlooks as designers create sleek, well-equipped mobile phones that blend with the technology and style of companies like Ferrari and Bentley. Hutch Hutchison is the head of the Design Department. Located in the factory is a museum displaying the iconic Vertu cell phones.

Vertu has several collections including the Aster, the Bentley, and a personalized personal collection. Signature Collection remains the basic mobile phone used to create exciting new style mobile phones. The least expensive Vertu cell phone costs $ 6,000 and the most expensive is $ 88,000. Vertu creates designer mobile phones for people who probably have a luxury car that matches their phone. Vertu offers additional features including a concierge service accessible 24 hours a day. The company also offers perks like invitations to VIP events and discounts on things like private jets.

Here are the 10 most expensive Vertu mobile phones ever made:

10. Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds ($ 21,700)

Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds

The Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds mobile phone is the same basic and serial phone as the Pure Jet Red Gold phone. What makes Pure Jet Alligator diamonds stand out is that they are covered in 124 white diamonds. This is a perfect phone for the rich on the jet set. As with all Vertu cell phones or “mobile communications instruments”, the Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds is sophisticated, elegant and certainly a luxury.

9. Clous de Paris Black ($ 22,000)

Clous de Paris Black

The Clous de Paris Black cell phone has a brushed and polished black body and is accented in black leather. The pillow is made of polished black ceramic. The screen and keys are protected by sapphire crystal. Like most Vertu luxury cell phones, the Clous de Paris Black is the entry-level Signature cell phone from 2002 with no major features. It has a 2-inch high-definition screen, 4GB of memory, and speakers. It doesn’t have more modern features like a camera. This cell phone is sleek and sophisticated and comes with a stylish leather case.

8. Zirconium alligator ($ 22,000)

Zirconium crocodile

Zircon comes from the Persian word for “golden color.” Zircon mineral is a strong grayish-white metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. The zirconia crocodile features a strong zirconia finish and anthracite stainless steel accents. Anthracite is a type of charcoal that has a sub-metallic sheen and is a classy and elegant accent for this cell phone. The pillow is also polished anthracite pillow.

7. Pure Jet Red Gold ($ 23,600)

Vertu Pure Jet Red Gold

The Pure Jet Red Gold cell phone costs $ 23,600. The cell phone, itself, is pretty basic. The body of the phone is made of brushed and polished black titanium, which makes it a sturdy mobile phone. It has a black leather pillow and calfskin trim. The mobile phone is accented by solid red gold accents.

6. Black and white ($ 25,350)

Vertu Black and White

Like the Ultimate Black, the Black and White phone has a .19-carat princess-cut diamond embedded in the select key. The cell phone body is matte and polished black stainless steel, accented with black leather. The white of this cell phone consists of a white ceramic pillow and a scratch-proof polished white sapphire battery cover and dial.

5. Ultimate Black ($ 25,700)

Ultimate black

The Ultimate Black cell phone is completely black. It is elegant and sophisticated. Although the cell phone itself is the entry-level 2002 Vertu Signature phone with no updated technology, the Ultimate Black is made of stainless steel and a black ceramic pillow and back plate. The keys are facet cutouts and the characters are muted for subtle elegance.

4. Mother of pearl …

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