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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The story and story behind the QuickBooks logo

6 julio, 2021

The Quickbooks logo is a topic that millions of people research online. Using the logo for commercial purposes has become a hot topic of conversation. The company allows its use under specific parameters, but who developed the first Quickbooks logo and how many alternate versions of the image are currently in use? It is helpful to start with an introduction to the history of the company along with its current purpose and status to fully understand the meaning of the logo and its importance in today’s business world.

History of Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit launched QuickBooks in 1998 under the inspiration of the Quicken platform. It is a personal accounting package that was created for small business owners to provide an easy-to-use software package for managing profitable business operations. It is a popular tool that helps business owners without extensive accounting experience. Since its initial release, the software has undergone constant enhancements to help small business owners maintain compliance with established accounting guidelines, according to Sansone PA.

The purpose of the Intuit QuickBooks logo

According to Desginsystem The Quickbooks logo was created to represent the Intuit branding system. The logo is the only one that makes a statement of origin for the brand’s products, including the Mint, Turbotax and ProConnect packages. Each iteration of the logo serves as a key identifier to avoid the perpetuation of secondary product brands. It is designed to create a familiar experience between brands for users. Now we look at the development of the QuickBooks logo. Intuit shared that the logo was developed with size, shape, colors, and all the elements related to how it would affect the people viewing it. The largest corporation consulted with third-party artists and developers for outside input on how to best represent QuickBooks through branding. The intention was to create an image that identifies the purpose of the product while engaging customers with a visually bold statement.

Logo description

The QuickBooks logo consists of a light green circle with the first letters of the package name in lowercase white. This makes them stand out. The design is extremely streamlined and modern to represent the modern convenience the product offers to users and to underline the fact that it is extremely easy to use. The use of the color green signifies prosperity and profitability. The products are intended to help business owners record vital information about their business finances to help them make a profit and be successful. Green is a color that also represents growth and new life. It goes very well with the company logo displayed on the simple statement “simplify life’s business.” This sentiment sums up the purpose of Intuit’s QuickBooks division with precision and conciseness.

Alternative QuickBooks logos

According to the Icons site, there are several dozen alternatives for using the QuickBooks logo. While the basic elements of the form, font, and simplistic style remain the same, the logo is available in black and white colors, as well as a combination of green and white examples. The same bold representations of the lowercase letters q and b are consistent across all approved alternative logo styles. The logos have been made available to business owners via a downloadable file. They can be modified to fit an individual company logo and theme to help create a better sense of brand familiarity. QuickBooks icons or logos can also be used in embedded files. Changes to the background color, the borders around the circle around the logo’s thickness, and other small elements can be changed to match the design details of the company that also uses the logo.

Who made the first QuickBooks logo?

According to the Intuit website, the development of the official Intuit QuickBooks logo was a joint effort of company owners and teams of artists and logo experts who were hired to help create the ideal image to make a statement about the company. business. There is no person identified to receive credit for its initiation or delivery. What we do know about it is that even the smallest details of the design were considered in its development. The final decision was made to adopt a simple image that …

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