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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The story and the story behind the Los Angeles Dodgers logo

1 julio, 2021

As possibly one of the most recognized sports franchises on the face of the planet, the Los Angeles Dodgers logo has played an important role in the development of its brand. The team began their illustrious journey in Brooklyn way back in 1899. It wasn’t until 1958 that the now infamous Dodgers script was introduced into the mix. In total, the Dodgers logo has undergone 18 different revisions since the late 1800s, although many of them were minor modifications. Here’s a short story to bring you up to speed.

The Brooklyn Superbas logo from 1899-1910

The first logos reflected a capital B in various colors and fonts to represent the teams’ home in Brooklyn. The first edition was a Superbas logo that featured the B in Old English style. That it was red. During the 1902 season, this would change to a blue color, while the font choice remained the same. The logo would stay that way until the 1909 season, when for a year only Blue B would become lighter and more pronounced in a Bruce Double Pica font. The 2010 season would see the logo change again to be the iconic Blue B within a blue baseball diamond.

Brooklyn Dodgers Logos of 1911-1927

The team would introduce four different logos from 1911 to 1927. The one for 2011 would be the same as the one for 1910, and the team’s name would change to Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. In 1912, the blue diamond for the baseball field would be connected, instead of having interchangeable lines. The logos from 1914 to 1925 removed the baseball diamond entirely, while the 1926 logo would return the diamond to reflect the same logo used in 1912.

1928-1931 team logos

This was an interesting period in the history of the logo, as the team introduced a new one with each passing year. The 1928 version got rid of the blue baseball diamond again and replaced it with a blue circle. The 1929 version got rid of the circle and the ‘B’ turned sky blue with a red border. The B would change again in 1930 and it would turn red with dark blue trim. Finally, the 1931 logo was a B in block letter format and in light blue.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo from 1958 to 1967

After a few more logo changes in Brooklyn, the team would move to Los Angeles. It largely kept the existing Dodgers script logo in place, but the blue color was much more pronounced. The iconic red baseball with stripes moving down through the ‘Dodgers’ is still in place.

1968-1971 Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

The 1968 season would see the Dodgers writing on the logo turn into a deep blue hue in a much thicker font. The red shooting baseball with a tail that extended below the word mark is still present.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo from 1972 to 1978

You have to look very closely at the logo change in 1972, but there is a subtle difference. The Dodgers script is still in blue, with the same red baseball stripes. The difference here is that the choice of the font is again thicker.

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo from 1979-2011

This particular change has a longer version of the Dodgers script. You will notice that the blue is slightly lighter and not as thick as previous logos from the last two decades. Also, the stripes that fall from the baseball have been slightly elongated.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo from 2012 to today

This is the latest version of the logo that is still in use today. The baseball itself is a bit thicker, as are the lines coming out of it. The red color is a bit more daring and noticeable. The ‘O’ in the Dodgers no longer has a tail at the bottom left of the letter. This makes the word appear much cleaner. There are no disjointed characters in this logo.

Take a look at the history of the Dodgers and find out which logos you like. You may be able to go back in time and find products that reflect your love for your computer throughout the centuries. The logo really makes this team, as it is the reason that many around the world recognize and love (or hate, as the case may be) the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

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