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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The story and the story behind the Minecraft logo

6 julio, 2021

Minecraft can be considered one of the most famous video games ever created. For those unfamiliar, it places the player in a 3D world with infinite terrain, which are made from its iconic blocks. Depending on the gameplay, interested individuals can engage in various activities with examples ranging from indulging their creative side to competing or cooperating with other players, allowing the game to appeal to a wide range of people with a wide range of tastes. . In addition to this, Minecraft is highly modifiable, which can be considered another factor in its tremendous success. Even now, you can claim 126 million players when measured monthly. Something that is particularly remarkable when you remember that Minecraft was launched in November 2011.

The basics

In any case, Minecraft was created by an individual named Markus Persson, who tends to go by the nickname “Notch.” For those curious, he was once a game developer with a game studio called King, which is where he learned several different programming languages. During his spare time, Notch liked to prototype his own games, which resulted in a base-building game called “RubyDung.” Over time, it was inspired by a block-based mining game called Infiniminer that came out in April 2009, although it decided to further differentiate its prototype by introducing RPG elements as well.

By May 2009, Notch had completed the original version of Minecraft before releasing it on the TIGSource forums so that he could continue to make changes based on the feedback he received. As the project became more and more popular, he quit his day job in order to focus full time. Soon enough, Notch co-founded a video game company called Mojang Studios, which proceeded to grow and grow. By December 2011, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten had replaced Notch as lead designer, and by September 2014, Microsoft had announced a $ 2.5 billion purchase of not only Minecraft but also Mojang Studios, resulting in Notch became a billionaire.

Notch left Mojang Studios after the sale. For a time, Microsoft had a relationship with the man due to his pivotal role in creating Minecraft. However, that has changed since then, so much so that Notch was excluded from the Minecraft 10th anniversary celebration. That may sound harsh until one realizes that Notch has been making rather controversial statements on politics and other social issues for quite some time. One example would be the moment when he called feminism a “social disease,” while another example would be the moment when he said that one-day opponents of heterosexual pride “deserve to be shot.” Unsurprisingly, these feelings have produced a huge backlash from a wide range of people. Microsoft has never said why it removed Notch’s name from the Minecraft menu in March 2019, but the timing of the decision made it very clear that it was a response to controversial comments. After all, no company in their right mind wants a bad reputation, which is a line of speculation supported by Microsoft’s later statement that Notch’s comments did not reflect the views of her or her subsidiary.

How has the Minecraft logo changed over time?

Moving on, there have been three versions of the Minecraft logo. However, although each one has been different from the others, there are strong points in common between them. As such, it is very clear that the change of the Minecraft logo over the course of a decade or so is a matter of gradual evolution rather than radical leaps.

The first Minecraft logo consisted of the name of the game created using blocks. In fact, the real world version looked exactly the same as the game version, which made sense because it was built with in-game resources. In terms of positioning, the first Minecraft logo was interested in the letters being angled inward to create an upward impression, with the result that it can be interpreted to suggest that the viewer is looking at something huge from its base. This was a good pick due to the focus on building in the game, which has led to some truly monumental creations by players in both the past and present. Meanwhile, the material on the letters is intended to remind interested persons of the cobblestones. Generally speaking, when people think of cobblestones, they think of cobblestone roads. …

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