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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The story and the story behind the Panera Bread logo

7 julio, 2021

Panera Bread has a unique logo that distinguishes it from all the others. the trademark contains a variety of elements that work well with each other to differentiate it and make it memorable. To fully appreciate the Panera Bread logo, it is important to know the history and history of the company.

Panera Bread history

According to Logo History, Panera Bread is a restaurant chain known as The St. Louis Bread Company in the city that bears its name. The franchise has also expanded from the United States to Canada. The menu includes various organic foods, baked goods, sandwiches, soups and some offer pizza for dinner. The restaurant chain is categorized as fast food but casual, as you can sit in the restaurant and eat.

The Panera Bread logo and its interesting history

The first thing we notice when we look at the Panera Bread logo is the image of a woman with her hair down. The image seems to flow to the right, forward. She is holding a loaf of bread. Panera Bread’s motto is “One loaf of bread in each arm,” so this image reinforces that statement in our minds. Panera Bread associates know it as Mother Bread. The first Panera Bread logo was developed by a branding company called Heckler Associates. The bread together with the woman in the image has a significant meaning behind the symbols. When making sourdough bread, a piece of the loaf is removed to use as a starter because it will help ferment the rest of the batch. The small piece of dough you eat is called “mother,” but the technical term for it is entree. The image is intended to represent the sourdough bread bringing the entree to the Panera bread factory to continue the sourdough bread making process. Here’s a bit of history that not many Panera Bread fans know about. The original starter dough was formed in the 1980s. A piece of that original dough is brought to each new Panera Bread bakery that is opened and used to start new batches of sourdough for that site. It is a way of continuing an established tradition. It is designed to increase the original quality and character of Panera again. This is a lovely sentiment that is intertwined with the symbolism found in the logo.

Why the logo image is so attractive

According to 1000 Logos, the woman holding the bread has a smile on her face and it looks like she is cradling a baby in her arms. This is an image that invokes warm and fuzzy feelings. The marketing team that put together this image did so to combine elements that make it feel at home and loved. We know that the types of food served at Panera Bread are comfort foods. Most menu items contain a good amount of carbohydrates. These work on our digestive system to provide a feeling of satisfaction and satisfaction. The record does a very good job of evoking these emotions in everyone who sees it.

The source of Panera Bread

The font is another element of the Panera Bread logo that deserves to be discussed. It is a unique font that has the look and feel of a bespoke script that has been specifically customized for the Panera Bread franchise. The font is unique and unique. The curved lines in its softness are comforting like the image of the mother holding the loaf of bread. The choice of font design is complementary to the intentions of the image, as smooth, curved lines are often associated with femininity and motherhood. The company name is printed on this font which appears to have been handwritten to give it an even more homely feel.

The Panera Bread logo color scheme

The color options for the Panera Bread logo take a bright approach using the first colors of a beige shade for women with darker brown hair contours. Image rendered in smooth lines is on an earthy speckled green background resembling pea soup. She stands in the middle of the background with the wordmark falling directly below her. The beige and brown palette are warm colors that make viewers feel warm and comfortable. Beige and brown also mimic the colors of fresh baked goods.

The word mark

The word mark is a simple repetition of the name of the franchise. It is simple and attractive. The white color gives the wordmark a clear contrast to the earthy green background. This makes it stand out very well. The white color represents purity and honesty. These are values ​​that the Panera Bread franchise embraces and wants to promote. It also represents purity and desire …

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