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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The story and the story behind the Starbucks logo

2 julio, 2021

Starbucks is a Seattle coffee company that has become a phenomenon on the American pop culture scene. Since opening its doors with the first store in 1971, the bold flavor of the blend and the various combinations of coffee styles and flavor combinations have become a staple in the United States and around the world. The complex logo has an interesting backstory, but to fully understand the meaning, one must know the history and history of the company called Starbucks.

The history of Starbucks

Starbucks was founded by a group of three Seattle-based professionals. Two were teachers and one was a writer. The three agreed on a nautical theme for the Pike Place Market coffee bean store. They considered names like Pequod, or Ahab’s ship, but settled on the name Starbuck, the name of Ahab’s first mate. It was obvious that all three of them had read “Moby Dick.” The store initially sold only coffee beans. With the name out of the way, it was time to choose a logo. The current image is different from the original design.

The original Starbucks logo

One of the Starbucks partners was looking for a suitable image for the new logo of the company. He discovered a Nordic woodcut of a mermaid. the 16th century design featured two tails and bare breasts, according to Mental Floss. The sea witch was adopted as the official image of Starbucks. The first logo from 1971 featured a depiction of an older witch holding the ends of her split mermaid tail in each hand. The image appeared white on a medium brown background, circled. She became the focal point of the image with the name STARBUCKS at the top of the circle in a white font in capital letters. The words Coffee, Tea, Spices appeared in white letters at the bottom. There is no doubt that the first logo was catchy and somewhat attractive but the woman with the bare breasts was not attractive. She was there to entice customers to buy coffee.

The evolution of the Starbucks logo

Over time, the logo underwent a series of changes. Design Hill gives us a chronological history of the evolution of the image. The old hag remained constant until the first revision of the logo was made in 1987. Howard Schultz acquired Starbucks and quickly changed the name to Starbucks Coffee. He made the decision to keep the Mermaid, but he would have to clean it up and make it more suitable for the corporate world.

1987 logo revision

Colors were changed from brown and white to clean, eco green with white lettering. The mermaid received an age regression to a younger, more attractive version of a sea witch. His image was printed in white on a black background in the center of the green circle. The name Starbucks appeared in white at the top of the circle and Coffee appeared in white at the bottom. A few other changes were made, including the loose hair and the mermaid’s navel was made visible.

1992 Starbucks logo

The logo was revised in 1992 with a larger image of the mermaid showing more details of the image. The designers removed the navel but left the fishtail. They kept the green and white color scheme and added 2 stars to each side of the word mark. This version of the logo remained in use until 2011.

2011 revisions

2011 marked the 40th anniversary of the Starbucks Coffee company. In celebration, the logo was revised with a larger image of the mermaid in white on a circular green background. The designers removed the stars and the wordmark and left the image. This attempt to simplify the logo was the subject of strong criticism from design experts and Starbucks Coffee fans.

Who designed the Starbucks logo?

The original design was discovered by Terry Heckler. He found the old photo of a Norse woodcut of the sea witch in old sea books. Although he did not draw the image, he did make the discovery of the old image. Revisions to the original image were done by Starbucks’ in-house design team with the help of Lippincott.

The meaning of the Starbucks logo

The original version of the logo featured a nude mermaid representing the allure of the sea. According to Mashed, it was a simple marketing strategy. Just as mythological mermaids attracted sailors to their domain, the image of the sea witch was intended to attract people to the store to buy coffee. The partially nude figure was an unapologetic strategy to use sex to sell a product. It is one of the oldest games in the business of …

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