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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The story behind the Motley Crue logo: a brief history

6 julio, 2021

Motley Crue Who? Yes, we are asking that question jokingly. Most people born in my day are more than aware of who exactly the 80s hair-metal band is, not to mention each and every member name, and probably some nasty (and also tasty) facts. about their lives. This is an eyeliner era band that has been around the block, back, and then took over the block. Many of his hits are hits today, hymns from a difficult time when men had better hair than women and there was a severe shortage of AquaNet hairspray. The band was first formed in 1981 by bassist Nikki Sixx, who teamed up in a hot collaboration with singer Vince Neil, guitarist Mick Mars, and drummer Tommy Lee. In the decades since their initial union, the band has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, breaking records and gathering fans, which is still going on as of this writing. Those of you who are familiar with Motley Crue probably have fond memories backed up with its music as the soundtrack; those who probably don’t have a lot of questions. “What songs did they make?” Or “Why does one of them have bleached blonde hair?” Or maybe you’re asking the same question we ask ourselves: “Where did Motley Crue get that amazing logo?” In fact, we were so curious about that particular question that we decided to find out the answers and share them with you. So where did Motley Crue get its logo from? This is what we came up with …

What is the logo?

So not sure what the Motley Crue logo looks like? Well, you must be a newer fan. However, it is quite easy to describe: the logo is simply the words’ Motley Crue; sometimes it is written in gothic style letters, sometimes in italics, but ALL the time it has ‘umlauts’, or double dots, above the ‘o’ in Motley and the ‘u’ in Crue. In other words, you can see ‘Motley Crue’ in a variety of sources, but the use of umlauts is a very important part of your branding. Now you may be wondering what the definition and purpose of umlauts could be. According to Merriam-Webster, an umlaut is “a diacritical mark placed over a vowel to indicate a more central or frontal articulation.” The umlaut is typically used in the German and Hungarian languages ​​to show that the vowel should be pronounced differently than without it. Yes, it is a vague definition, but now we have a better understanding of what the umlaut is supposed to do. But why would an American heavy metal band based on the west coast use German or Hungarian punctuation? Let’s take a closer look at the reason.

European ‘looking’

We all know that Motley Crue is an American rock band, so the use of umlauts in their logo is really curious. Why would a band made up of men who are from the United States have something in their logo that we can’t make any earthly sense of? Well, according to, the band didn’t even know what umlauts were. In the article Vince Neil shares that at first the four guys in the band were sitting drinking beer (Lowenbrau, to be exact) when they noticed the use of them in the Lowenbrau logo. Neil told, “… we put some umlauts in there because we thought it would make us look more European.”

More European? Yes, that’s what he said. But why? The previous piece doesn’t really expand on the motivation behind the European; maybe they thought it would make them more popular, or maybe they thought it would make the band’s real name look cooler than it normally would. It’s even more cheesy to think that when the band first went to Germany, the fans were yelling “Mutley Cruh!” Which they couldn’t understand, and by the time they did it was too late. Back to the name. Think about it: Motley Crue is nothing more than ‘motley crew’ with a slight slant on the word ‘crew’. And a motley crew is nothing more than ‘an unusual mixed bunch’ (which might also explain why Vince was blonde). Anyway, with a name that sounds so normally mundane, umlauts could only help… right?

Well, as you can see here on, the Motley Crue logo has really changed only in font over time, and only slightly in its humble beginnings. Fandom shows the changes in the logo with the year that passes, which is interesting, but not interesting enough to keep the same as always permanently. In 1985, for …

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