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▷▷ 2021 ▷ These are the cheapest 4×4 trucks that money can buy

2 julio, 2021

Combine a truck and a 4X4 and what do you get? Aside from the fact that most trucks today offer a choice of four-wheel or four-wheel drive, you get a truck that can haul just about anything and on any terrain.

Due to their ruggedness and reliability, pickup trucks are becoming the most sought-after used cars to buy. And who wouldn’t want a sturdy 4X4 pickup? Well, it’s not about “who” but about “how.” How not to want a 4X4 truck? Guess when one doesn’t have the means to sacrifice it. Or at least for a new one.

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So if you’re looking for a cool old 4X4 pickup and you want it cheap, we’ve got ten different models listed just for your viewing pleasure. These are all strong 4X4 pickups and are pretty cheap to fit in your pocket. They have in it …

10 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

via TruckPaper

2008 was a good year for the Chevrolet Silverado, as ride quality and handling had improved compared to previous generations. With rack-and-pinion steering and better suspension, the 6.0-liter V8 delivered just enough power. There were some issues with the fuel injector so it’s best to look for lower mileage vehicles this year.

via EquipmentFacts

Prices start at around $ 8,000 for a well-executed model and increase as mileage decreases. But it’s a good, tough truck and it’s still a top buy among used trucks.

9 2012 Ram 1500

via Edmunds

The 2012 RAM 1500 is another cool option too because it was reborn into something much better that year too. The transmission was upgraded to a six-speed AT and the steering wheel was new with integrated cruise control buttons. The rear suspension made it stand out from the crowd because it gave the 2012 RAM 1500 a much smoother ride quality than the competition, though in hauling and towing capabilities it matched the rest.

via YouTube

The V8 was also one of the most fuel efficient engines, which made this truck a dream. A 2012 RAM 1500 should cost you less than $ 10,000.

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8 Mitsubishi raider 2009

via car specs

Based on the midsize Dodge Dakota, which has something of a cult following these days, the 2009 Mitsubishi Raider looks like it means business. A comfortable ride and cool appeal make it a good buy, though in terms of power and payload, this isn’t the best out there.

via SalvageReseller

The optional 3.7-liter V6s or 4.7-liter V8s were capable enough, but nothing to speak eloquently about. What’s great about this truck is that it gets the job done and it’s pretty cheap, starting at $ 5,000 or a little less.

7 2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty

via WixAutoFinance

America’s Favorite Truck. Need we say more? Plus, this is the F-250 Super Duty, so it will get the job done. All that crazy heavy-duty power means this is a nearly unbreakable truck that you can do anything with, and it will do it effortlessly. There was a truck recall in 2009, so make sure the truck you are looking at has everything fixed.

via MOMENTcar

Most of them start at the $ 10,000 mark and then go up, depending on how much has been used.

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6 2010 Dodge Dakota

via GrooveCar

For those who need their truck to get light work done without major transportation, as well as being energetic enough to drive in congested areas, the Dodge Dakota is near perfect. With 210 horsepower gushing out of the standard 3.7-liter V6, it’s again a decent horsepower pickup but nothing OTT about it.

via car specs

With trucks, the least used ones are always the best option to buy because they haven’t been used enough to cause maintenance problems. Prices start around $ 10,000 for these.

5 2010 GMC Canyon

via TheCarConnection

When the Chevrolet Colorado was introduced as a midsize alternative to the Silverado, GMC gave the world the Canyon, which was a little more exclusive. In addition, in 2010, Canyon introduced the head curtain airbags for better protection, along with the …

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