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▷▷ 2021 ▷ This is the fastest Harley Davidson

4 julio, 2021

Harley VRod Destroyer Feature photo

Harley-Davidson isn’t the first motorcycle company that comes to mind when you think of fast bikes. Although they’ve produced some fast-performing bikes over the years, most Harleys on the road are big cruisers meant for comfort over speed. The company’s V-Rod is certainly an exception, hitting a factory-rated top speed of 144 mph, making it Harley-Davidson’s fastest street legal production motorcycle.

which is the fastest harley davidson

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However, Harley produced an even more powerful version of the V-Rod, which is often overlooked by fans. The Harley-Davidson VRXSE Screamin ‘Eagle V-Rod Destroyer was a non-legal, limited production drag race bike that took everything from the regular V-Rod and upped it to eleven. The Revolution V-twin engine was refined to generate great power by utilizing a longer-stroke crankshaft and drilled block, high-compression forged pistons, large valves, larger throttle bodies, high-lift cams, and more. These extensive updates resulted in an absolute drag bike. It produced more than 170 horsepower and managed to cross the quarter mile in less than nine seconds. The combination of presence and raw power makes the Harley Davidson V-Rod an intimidating foe for any sports bike.

harley davidson v rod top speed: Harley-Davidson VRXSE Screamin ‘Eagle

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Released in 2006, the V-Rod Destroyer was the fastest-accelerating Harley at the time. Going from zero to sixty in about three and a half seconds, it’s still a competitive endurance racing bike today. While most Harleys are made for comfortable Sunday afternoon cruising, the Destroyer comes from the factory ready for a weekend of dominating the racetrack. The Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) team was in charge of the project, converting the V-Rod into a suitable drag bike. Although it may look a lot like a regular V-Rod, the Destroyer has extensive modifications to almost every part of the motorcycle. From a special ECM programmed for racing to dynamically tuned speed stacks, it’s a serious threat on the drag track. The bike even comes with a wheel bar, perhaps as a warning to riders to respect the power of the Destroyer.

the fastest harley davidson

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With the launch of Harley Davidson’s new Livewire, the company has set out to build a modern EV sports bike. Although Harley is mostly known for its old-fashioned pushrod V-twins, the Livewire is fully electric, giving it instant torque and a very fast 0-60 second time. That kind of acceleration can have even the mighty Destroyer running for its money, at least for the first few seconds of a race.

modern harley davidson: the fastest motorcycle in the world

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With EV technology advancing at a faster rate than ever before, it won’t be long until electric motorcycles are a serious competitor to the sports bike market. But for those who want a brutally fast V-twin combustion engine underneath them, the V-Rod Destroyer is the bike for you.

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