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▷▷ 2021 ▷ This is the official Nike Return Policy

5 julio, 2021

Nike footwear is classified as a leading high-quality brand that strives to offer a variety of different styles, fashions and functions. You must receive your Nike in perfect condition and without damage. If there are problems with the quality of materials or workmanship, the shoes must be returned, as this is not acceptable to consumers or the brand. Various situations may result in the need to return a pair of Nike shoes. These are covered in Nike’s published return policy, which is easy to access online. You may have questions about a pair of shoes you have and whether your circumstances qualify according to the established guidelines. Here’s Nike’s official return policy that we’ve broken down to answer your questions.

How long do you have to return Nike shoes for a refund?

According to Nike’s official website, Nike gives customers 60 days from the purchase date to return the shoes. If the 60-day period has expired and you have a reason to return them, you can still return the shoes for a refund, but restrictions apply. If it’s been more than 60 days and you’ve worn or washed your shoes, you won’t be able to return them for a refund. It is essential that you try on your new Nike shoes and have them run some tests before the 60 days are up to make sure they are as advertised and fit.

Can you use and return them before 60 days?

Nike’s policy on the return of shoes you’ve already worn is pretty lenient. In fact, the official website encourages consumers to check out their new Nikes for 60 days trial. In addition, they express their desire for you to wear the shoes and try them on for 60 days to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their performance. The site indicates that if the shoes are not suitable for you and the performance is not up to your expectations, you can return them, even if they have already been worn.

What are the acceptable reasons for the return?

Nike offers that you can return your purchased shoes for any reason, as long as it is within the 60-day trial period. This offer also applies to custom made Nike By You shoes. There is a caveat stating that some exceptions apply. You should be familiar with these exceptions before purchasing or wearing your Nike shoes.

Exceptions to the return policy “for any reason”

Most of us look for a bargain when we buy new items. Nike’s purchased from a Nike clearance store are not eligible for return for any reason. Make sure you are completely satisfied before making your purchase because all shoes purchased from these stores cannot be returned for a refund. Make sure to check all the labels on the shoes before you buy them. Some Nike products specify that the item cannot be returned. This applies to Nike shoes and all other branded products. Please refer to the warranty card, tag, and hangtag for return details for that specific item because some Nike products have different return policies. It is your responsibility to do so, as Nike has publicly published a list of exceptions that are legal and binding. Nike gift cards cannot be returned for a refund.

Limited time refunds

If you buy the Apple Watch Nike and AppleCare +, you have a limited time to return the items. Nike has a strict 14-day policy from the date items are delivered for online orders. If the period of 14 days from the delivery date expires, you will not be able to return these items. All purchases made in the Nike store are also included in the 14-day purchase date, plus you must provide a receipt to be eligible for a refund on return.

What does Nike do with worn shoes that are returned for a refund?

A few years ago, Nike recycled worn-out shoes that were returned, according to Nike Talk. The rubber materials were crushed and used to make surfaces for playgrounds. At this time, Nike does not explain what happens to shoes that are returned worn. They are not legally obliged to share the information.

Nike has doubled the return time

If you are one of the loyal Nike fans who are familiar with the 30-day return policy, you were right. This was the official limit for returning Nike products. The company has doubled the time with the new …

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