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▷▷ 2021 ▷ This is what happened to Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle from The Walking Dead

2 julio, 2021

It’s only Daryl’s motorcycles that make any sense, in terms of practicality and use, especially since there’s a place for his crossbow in them.

But these are the three motorcycles that saved the show, car wise. The rest of the rag-tag group of vehicles on the show is nothing, including the odd Winnebago and that out of place Hyundai Tucson. Or even the Suburban for that matter. It’s the apocalypse, and most of the world is running, dead, being eaten, or turned into zombies. All one has to do is go to the nearest dealership and pull a powerful new car off the ramp and onto the road to rescue or release, right?

It’s only Daryl’s motorcycles that make any sense, in terms of practicality and use, especially since there’s a place for his crossbow in them.

The original ‘Merle’ helicopter; daryl motorbike

The first of the motorcycles Daryl Dixon rode was a cutaway Triumph Bonneville TR6C that some websites say was from the 1960s, while others say it was a 1971 or even 1976 model.

Chopped on a hardtail with MX tires. this Triumph looked “twisted”, as Reedus himself put it. Whatever the case, the motorcycle looked great and fit perfectly into the dystopian landscape of the violent TV series that requires a bit of common sense to watch, especially alone.

Speaking of vehicles, it makes sense. The motorcycle is not full of fancy equipment that needs tons of parts from here, there, and everywhere to be repaired. It’s a basic Triumph and one that took the company to new heights at the time.

It’s a start and as basic as it comes, perfect for the show. In the series, this motorcycle was said to belong to Daryl’s brother, Merle, who was part of a motorcycle gang. As the series unfolds, the Triumph was abandoned after the group escaped from prison.

The production company appears to have still kept the motorcycle, for now, considering that the sixth season preview showed that this motorcycle was still in the prison where it was abandoned in the first place. Does it make sense to stick with the Triumph Bonneville as the show is still on and maybe even re-introduce it at a later time?

The current cool rides; daryl dixon motorcycle

Once the Triumph was abandoned, it was time for a new steed for Dixon. And history was woven around him as well.

The second motorcycle Daryl Dixon rides on is a 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk, although in truth there are two of these machines, including crossbow mount, assembled by Richmond-based Classified Moto. Why this motorcycle shop? Because Norman Reedus already owns a classified bike, personally, and decided that shop wizard John Ryland could make some additions to the show.

The front end comes from a Yamaha YZF-R6 and this was the motorcycle that Daryl apparently built from a surplus of motorcycle parts in season six. He was last seen in the fifteenth episode of the eighth season and was later abandoned by Daryl in an attempt to escape.

Both bikes have been unknown since then, although you could call Classified Moto and hassle them to build you one just like it. It seems that the producer of The Walking Dead he’s keeping a pretty close eye on his popular motorcycles.

The latest motorcycle that Daryl rides is a rather underrated but cool KTM 525 EXC and fans love its steampunk look too, although not much is known about its makers. Once again, quite twisted in its own right, the KTM debuted in season nine after the Nighthawk was abandoned in the previous season. He has also remained Dixon’s steed in season 10, and since season 11 has been revamped, we hope to see him again very soon.

The only very important question; merle dixon motorbike

The one hole many motorcycle viewers seem to have a problem with when it comes to Daryl Dixon and his motorcycles; it is the fuel that drives them.

Motorcycle fuel, like all vehicle fuels, has a shelf life. And no one seems to be drilling for oil in The Walking Dead which means that the fuel that Daryl seems to have an unlimited supply of is bad. Is that the reason you keep ditching those bikes in favor of new ones?

It went from the Triumph Bonneville to the Honda CB750 Nighthawk, and now it’s the KTM 525 EXC. What will season 11 bring? Especially since 2022 may be the last of The Walking Dead since the pandemic is almost making us live a …

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