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▷▷ 2021 ▷ This is what makes the Yamaha V Star 250 a top-tier cruiser

6 julio, 2021

While Harley and Indian dominate the high-end cruise market, Yamaha remains the brand of choice for mid-priced and budget cruisers. The Japanese automaker is famous for producing super efficient bikes that aren’t too heavy on the pocketbook, and the 2020 V Star 250 is no different. Dubbed ‘Born for Fun’ by the makers of Yamaha, the V Star 250 is a lightweight and agile motorcycle that delivers effortless performance.

Here’s why the Yamaha V Star 250 is a top-tier cruiser.

High performance

Through Yamaha

Yamaha bikes are known for all things performance and efficiency, and the new V Star 250 is no different. The lightweight road racer comes with an “exceptionally powerful” 60-degree V-Twin engine. The air-cooled 249cc engine features a long 66mm stroke that generates impressive torque and produces plenty of power to help move the bike forward. Its super efficient engine is complemented by the Mikuni 26mm downdraft carburetor ensuring optimal fuel / air mixture and delivery with excellent throttle response. You can flex the gears with relative ease thanks to the wide five-speed transmission combined with a multi-disc wet clutch.

The V Star 250 promises to be by your side even in extreme weather conditions, thanks to the easy and reliable electric start feature that ensures the Yamaha cruiser is ready for take off in no time. It also comes equipped with striking double chrome tailpipes. Worried about the life of your engine? The V Star250 comes equipped with an automatic cam chain tensioner, which means the life of your engine is substantially extended and you don’t have to think about digging your pockets for maintenance.

If you like fuel efficient cruises, we have good news for you. The Yamaha V Star 250 meets and exceeds that criteria. Motorcycle manufacturers pride themselves on ultra-efficient fuel consumption. With a fuel capacity of 2.5 gallons and an estimated mileage of 78 miles per gallon, it’s a long-haul dream. The V Star 250 also happens to be the only bike in its class to have the V-twin engine. This beast from Yamaha is an all-rounder for riders of all kinds.

In short, the V Star 250 is well built, fuel efficient, attractive, and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. What more could you want!

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Impressive bodywork

Through Yamaha

The Yamaha V Star 250 has been designed and assembled with great attention to detail. A lot of quality chrome and finesse make this unique road cruiser profitable and agile. A sleek and stylish chassis on a 58.7-inch wheelbase ensures you have a long, low package on hand that can be controlled with relative ease. The brakes are robust and strong. The front wheel has a single 282mm disc brake and the rear wheel has a heavy duty 130mm drum brake. The seats are set relatively lower at 27.0 inches and a plush seat keeps the rider in a comfortable position and low enough to hit the pavement. The Yamaha cruiser is equipped with a telescopic front fork suspension with a 5.5-inch travel to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. The rear has twin shocks with 3.9-inch travel and spring preload that can be adjusted when the situation calls for it.

The extravagant bodywork in the metallic silver tone gives the V Star 250 a unique charm on the road. This Yamaha model offers a maximum ground clearance of 5.7 inches and a 32 degree lean angle. At 28 inches wide and 41.7 inches long, the V Start 250’s dimensions complement its impressive bodywork. With a claimed wet weight of 326 pounds, the Yamaha Cruiser is a lightweight and easy-to-handle companion.

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The Yamaha Trust

Through Yamaha

Yamaha is among one of the most trusted car brands on the planet. While Harley and Indian have dominated the high-end cruise market, Yamaha has been churning out some bad vehicles that aren’t too heavy on the pocketbook. And the company has been doing it for more than 6 decades.

The 2020 Yamaha V Star 250 comes with the same confidence and quality …

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