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▷▷ 2021 ▷ This is why Ducati motorcycles are so expensive

4 julio, 2021

This Is Why Ducati Motorcycles Are So Expensive 1

Here are all the reasons why a Ducati motorcycle burns a hole in your wallet.

People ask why Ducati motorcycles are so expensive. It is a valid question because they really are expensive. Since 1926, when Ducati motorcycles were born in Italy, the manufacturer has done one thing, and only one: make motorcycles. And motorcycle parts, of course.

The company has approximately 1,200 employees who report to work every morning just to build motorcycles. There are no robots or machines to facilitate labor at Ducati, only when necessary. It is smoother than robots. And that’s one of the reasons why these motorcycles are so unique and of course so expensive.

A Ducati is not a normal motorcycle that you can decide on a happy morning, walk into a showroom and go home; riding a Ducati brings an extraordinary sense of class and power. It is an emotion that surpasses the feeling of a Christmas morning for children. Speed, plus a few other reasons we’ll look at in this article, is what makes Ducatis so expensive. Let’s do it, okay?

10. They look fast and they’re fast

Ducati on a racing track Superleggera fast via

Some motorcycle and car enthusiasts won’t rest, not until they get their hands on the fastest wheels ever made on the planet. If it’s a motorcycle, a Ducati will give it to you. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it is a swift beast. And just so you know, most Ducati owners, unless they’re on a closed racetrack, don’t even come close to hitting the motorcycle’s top speed, especially if it’s a newer model.

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9Ducati Motorcycles Are Not Decorated, They Are Designed

Ducati designed not decord via motofire 01


Ducati motorcycles use powerful engines to improve their performance, and they are liquid-cooled to reduce heat when the motorcycle is traveling at high speeds and for long hours.

And it’s not just about power; To complete the package, that powerful engine is combined with the most elegant motorcycle body design you can find on this planet. Ducati bikes are designed, not decorated. They can last a lifetime with the outer body matching the inner power, without fading.

8Proven Racing Dexterity

Proven racing prowess via

If we were to give Ducati a new slogan, it would be “Designed to Win”, because that’s what their products do, they win. Ducati has won countless superbike world championships.

In addition, they have a unique victory, the 2007 MotoGP world championship. Four of the many superbike championships have been won on a Ducati 916. Ducati love to win, and have worked so hard over the years to create machines that can continue to do so. The background is to prove it.

7They are long-lasting energy houses

Ducati 916 SP3 SQUARE power house via .uk


A Ducati motorcycle can run for hours without stopping. And you will not have heating problems. It’s not that it doesn’t heat up, it does, but it’s designed in such a way that your body absorbs the heat so it doesn’t affect the engine.

The motor is also liquid-cooled to reduce heat and allow the speed beast to keep running for hours without breaking down. This feature is absent from many other competing superbikes.

6They are European motorcycles

Ducati 996 SPS Factory Replica Series 1 Featured via .uk

Ducati motorcycles are made in Italy, Europe. That’s enough of a warning about the price. Everything Italian is expensive, from beers to cars and now motorcycles. Some people are willing to pay more to have an Italian machine. Why would anyone go for a Ferrari? The Nissan GTR can work just as well.

5Designed with the Heart in Mind

Ducati motorcycle heart in mind via twimg 01 e1588438903780

There is a big difference between “I like it” and “I love it”, and that makes the difference between Ducati motorcycles and other motorcycles. Most Italian motorcycles are designed to appeal, not to your brain, but to your heart.

Ducati motorcycles are not assembled by machines like in many Japanese factories. Instead, they are made by men who are dedicated to ensuring that there is a connection between the motorcycle and the owner. Human work is expensive, the products are also expensive.

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4Ducati Is A Premium Brand

Ducati 899 Panigale DM 01 brand via

Since 1926, Ducati has established itself as a premium brand and the …

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