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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Top 10 Places to Live in Oklahoma City

6 julio, 2021

Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city of Oklahoma. Historically, it has been dismissed as a boring city with little to offer. Fortunately, that has now changed. Following a major revival of its city center, the city has become a vibrant and lively place with much to show off. Home to around 670,000 people, it has a booming economy, world-class amenities, an enviable arts scene, and a wealth of recreational opportunities. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a 21st century metropolis that doesn’t mind tipping your hat to its Western roots, this is a great place to call home. But which of its many neighborhoods and suburbs ranks as the best of the best? Find out now as we show you the 10 best places to live in Oklahoma City.


10. Choctaw

Choctaw is located on the outer edge of Oklahoma City. As the oldest licensed community in Oklahoma, it has history and culture to spare. Its attractions today are equally impressive. Residents can expect low unemployment, great schools, high incomes, and an easy half-hour commute to downtown Oklahoma City.


9. Blanchard

As one of the safest communities in Oklahoma City, Blanchard understandably has great appeal to families. Thanks to the fact that the median rent is 40% less than the Oklahoma average, it is also very attractive to single professionals. With some great parks, lots of amenities, and a fun-packed event program (don’t miss the May Daze Festival or the Blanchard Bluegrass Festival), it’s certainly one of Oklahoma’s highlights.


8. Yukon

The fast-growing suburb of Yukon has a lot to recommend it, including a friendly and welcoming environment, a low crime rate, an excellent array of amenities and recreational opportunities, and the kind of schools that make it a haven for families. . With the thrills and spills of Oklahoma City’s entertainment district just a hop, hop, and hop away, Yukon offers the perfect balance of small-town charm and big-city appeal. If all of that wasn’t enough to tempt you, its exceptionally affordable median home price of $ 143,100 could just do it. If you choose to rent, you can expect to survive on just $ 948 per month. Despite affordable home prices, the median salary is very respectable, with most households bringing home an above-average income of $ 66,419.


7. Moore

If you have children, you would do well to consider Moore. With some of the most respected public schools in the city, along with some great parks, great amenities, and a reasonable cost of living, it’s certainly a great place for families. With its affordable home prices and short commute distance to Oklahoma City’s commercial and financial centers, it is an equally attractive prospect for young professionals.


6. Piedmont

Located just a half-hour drive from Oklahoma City’s Bricktown Entertain District is Piedmont, a dynamic community of 7,747 residents that has a host of benefits to its name. In addition to having the lowest unemployment rate and lowest poverty level in Oklahoma, Piedmont also benefits from upper median incomes, an affordable cost of living, and a host of amenities. If you want to benefit from the small town vibe without sacrificing big city excitement, this is a great place to build your home.

The village

5. The town

With its easy commute to downtown Oklahoma City, its abundant variety of shops, restaurants, parks, and recreation, and its very affordable cost of living (to give you an idea of ​​how affordable a single-family home will be, it costs you just $ 126,300 ), The Village is certainly a very desirable place to live.


4. Norman

As home to the University of Oklahoma, Norman is a lively and vibrant area with a dazzling nightlife and plenty of shopping, dining, and other recreational opportunities to keep you entertained. Although it understandably attracts many young singles, it is also a very attractive area for families thanks to a low crime rate, prestigious schools, and an excellent variety of youth sports programs. Better yet, the cost of living is very affordable. If you want a high standard of living without costing you the land, Norman is well worth your attention.


3. Edmond

If you are willing to travel a little outside of Oklahoma City, you will find the Edmond suburb to be an exceptional place to live. Their…

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