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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Top 10 Richest People in Texas (Updated for 2020)

3 julio, 2021

Texas has a reputation for being a “big” state, and the residents of this great Southwest region do many things. Most of us are familiar with the stereotypes that proliferated through the popular television series “Dallas,” with the ultra-wealthy Ewing family. The truth of the matter is that Texas is a state of many families that have succeeded in cattle, oil, and other industries, including the presidential Bush family, who succeeded in oil and also in the political arena with father and son. serving as President of the United States within a short period of time between each other. We were curious who the richest people in Texas are and it might surprise you. Here are the ten richest Texans.

10. Tilman Fertitta – Net Worth: $ 4.910 million

Tilman Fertitta is the owner of Fertitta Entertainment and also serves as COO and President. Other companies that fall under the Fertitta Entertainment umbrella include Landry’s, which is also the parent company of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. These are not the only large companies that belong to it. He also owns the Golden Nugget casinos and the Texas-based basketball team, the Houston Rockets.

9. Robert F. Smith – Net worth: $ 5 billion

Robert F. Smith is the founder of Vista Equity Partners. He established the finance and investment company in 2000. In just 19 years, the company became prominent in the finance industry and now has assets worth more than $ 46 billion. Before starting and building his own business, Mr. Smith worked in the tire industry as an engineer at Goodyear, then went to work for Kraft Foods.

8. Robert Bass – Net worth: $ 5.06 billion

Robert Bass was born into a family of wealthy people. His uncle was an oil magnate, and after the death of his older relative, Bass inherited a small fortune of $ 2.8 million in 1959. He used the money wisely to start his own business. Bass founded Oak Hill Capital Partners, which is an investment company. The company invests heavily in well-established companies such as Burger King, Blackboard, and others. Mr. Bass is a Fort Worth resident and his fortune initially came from the energy industry.

7. Robert Rowling – Net worth of $ 5.8 billion

Robert Rowling is a resident of Dallas, Texas. He is the owner of Omni Hotels. His family was in the oil business and he sold the oil fields that belonged to his family to start his own business. His skill in entrepreneurship paid off. He made a $ 500 investment to buy the hotel line and made a fortune in the hospitality business, then expanded by buying Gold’s Gym, another profitable company. It started in the oil business and expanded from there.

6.Ray Lee Hunt – Net worth: $ 6.1 billion

Ray Lee Hunt was born the son of HL Hunt, a famous oilman who made his fortune in the oil industry. Ray Lee continued the family business and expanded the business internationally, benefiting from the shale boom and investing in oil exploration and discoveries made in Peru and Yemen. He also invested in real estate, particularly highly profitable commercial real estate in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas.

5. The Duncan Family – Net Worth: $ 6.31 billion

Dan Duncan established Enterprise Products Partners in 1968. This was a pipeline company that made him the richest person in Houston, Texas. After he passed away in 2010, the fortune went to his sons in equal parts, each of them tied for fifth place among the richest people in Texas. The names of the heirs are Randa Duncan Williams, Danine Duncan Avara, Milane Duncan Frantz and her brother Scott Duncan. Their wealth was passed down to them by inheritance, and Milane serves as the director of the Duncan Family Foundation as a philanthropist, Randa is the chair of the board and also sits on the board of the University of Texas Health Sciences Center. , and he is also the only one of the sons will remain involved in the family business. The Duncan family’s wealth was earned through the oil industry.

4. Jerry Jones- Net worth: $ 8.9 billion

Jerry Jones is best known as the general manager and owner of the NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. He paid $ 150 million for full ownership of the equipment in 1989 and from that point on, the value of the equipment increased to $ 5 billion. He made a fortune as a majority shareholder in Comstock Resources, which is an oil and gas company in Texas.

3. Andrew Beal – Net worth: $ 9.4 billion

Andy Beal did a …

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