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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Torque specifications of rebuilt Toyota 22R engines

3 julio, 2021

alternator capacitor

The original Toyota 22R engine was designed for use in pickup trucks. The economical four-cylinder design of the engine makes it ideal for automobiles as well. You can buy the complete engine or an incomplete version on the aftermarket.

Main Torque Specifications – Alternator Capacitor

The main bolts have 76 foot-pounds of torque and the cylinder head bolts have 62 foot-pounds of torque. The cylinder head studs have 70 foot-pounds of torque, the cam timing gear has foot-pounds of torque, and the cam bearing bolt has 14 foot-pounds of torque.

Crankshaft Torque Specifications: Alternator Capacitor So it serves

The stock rod bolts have 46 foot-pounds of torque and the ARP rod bolts have 50 foot-pounds of torque. The crankshaft pulley has 116 foot-pounds of torque, while the flywheel has 80 foot-pounds of torque.

Other torque specs: what a capacitor does

The intake manifold and exhaust manifold have 33 foot-pounds of torque each and the oil pan bolts have 9 foot-pounds of torque. The cam timing gear has 58 foot-pounds of torque and the cam bearing bolt has 14 foot-pounds of torque. One set of timing cover bolts has 9 foot-pounds of torque and another set has 29 foot-pounds of torque.

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