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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Trans Am Worldwide builds a 1,100 HP Firebird Drag Car

5 julio, 2021

We know the future may no longer be for the Pontiac brand takeover, but at least Trans Am Worldwide keeps it relevant today. At the 2017 New York Auto Show, the Trans Am Super Duty feature wowed us all, reinventing one of the most evil machines of its time. The 2017 Super Duty took it up a notch with a supercharged 7.5-liter V8 that gave this car power that reached 1,000 HP and 1,046 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s awesome and all, but Trans Am Worldwide said they could do better, and they sure did. At this year’s New York Auto Show, they lit a little flame in the future of the brand by giving us something we never thought would happen: the brand’s first dedicated tow car.

To top off the Super Duty, Trans Am has produced a racing car that can handle 1,100 HP. It became a challenge for the company to up the ante after Dodge challenged the Trans Am at the same auto show last year. The Dodge Demon was a car in its own class. It didn’t exactly thwart Super Duty efforts, but let’s say it got the ball out of the park. The Demon at the time boasted the highest HP, the fastest quarter mile, and every other accolade a car can boast. It also turned out to be Dodge’s first efforts at a tow car.

So instead of walking away from the competition, Trans Am Worldwide took up the challenge. Working with an unidentified customer, Trans Am took the basic bodywork of a sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and worked its magic, going through almost everything in the car to get it where it needed to be. This towing car needed to exceed the already impressive 1,000 HP of the Super Duty, and to do so, Trans Am needed to incorporate racing fuel in addition to methanol injections. The formula worked as this year’s Firebird tow car crosses that 1,100-plus HP mark. The only thing keeping this bad boy from going overboard is limiting the eight-speed automatic to full throttle; otherwise the tow car might have pushed for more HP.

Not that he needed it. But with all the other changes and specs that had to be made to get the car where it is, Trans Am could have moved on. In addition to fuel changes and methanol injections, Trans Am had to get creative in many other ways as well. Let’s start with the addition of a strange nine-inch rear end, Weld wheels, and Eibach springs. Being a racing racer, the car would not be complete with its own newly developed roll cage Trans Am styling, to be installed alongside a five-point harness before this towing car accelerates on the track. And to tie the ribbon on this beautiful package, Trans Am carefully kept a parachute behind the license plate just for those moments when it reaches its target speed on the strip.

Speaking of speed, the 2018 Firebird drag will definitely need that parachute. While the company has yet to release official final numbers, Trans Am Worldwide is hopeful that the tow car will record an 8.7-second quarter mile. You may think it is ambitious, but we believe it is absolutely possible. Even if the car does not reach that speed, it is at least guaranteed to be a 9 second car. That’s more than the brand could have said before.

As for prices, there is nothing official yet either. The model shown at the New York Auto Show appears to cost around $ 190k or so after all the mods, and that includes the price of the donor’s 2017 Camaro SS 1LE. Pricing for the standard Trans Am will likely start around $ 107k, but with the drag package on, you can expect the price to skyrocket considerably. It shouldn’t be a problem because it will be worth it, especially for those who want to dust a demon on the strip. It might not have been possible before, but with the latest Trans Am Firebird tow car, the only place you’ll find yourself is at the front of the race.

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