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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Triumph Street Twin 2021 [Especificaciones, características, fotos]

6 julio, 2021


The latest generation of Triumph’s best-selling modern classic delivers all the thrilling, torque-rich performance of the Street Twin, confidence-inspiring handling and contemporary custom styling, enhanced by the latest high-torque 900cc twin engine. With an even more comfortable bench seat and a host of new and refined details and finishes for 2021, plus a wide range of 120 original accessories, the beautiful and easy-to-use Street Twin is the perfect modern classic ride for new and experienced riders. equally.

2021 Triumph Street Twin Features


triumph street twin 2021

MY21 StreetTwin HF1 scaled e1614106575397

Twin Street

Upgraded for 2021, the next-generation upgrade to the Street Twin’s high-torque 900cc engine retains all the power, character and responsiveness of the renowned Bonneville twin engine, now exceeding Euro 5 requirements with lower emissions. and offers great fuel efficiency.

The new Street Twin packs incredible torque from bottom to rev range for thrilling acceleration whenever needed, with a maximum power of 65hp reaching 7,500rpm and a peak torque of 80Nm at 3,800rpm. This power and torque are conveniently managed thanks to the throttle-by-wire control.

The Street Twin also comes with a 10,000 mile / 16,000 km service interval. Improved

street twin 2021

StreetTwin 21MY 1840 BR Details

The Street Twin’s modern customer styling has been updated for 2021 with new premium features, including all-new cast wheels, a new more comfortable seat bench, new bodywork, and improved trim and details, with headlamp mounts. brushed aluminum front panels.

The headlight itself is compact and features a Triumph bulb cap badge. The taillight is a sleek, compact LED with a distinctive light pattern.

Bonneville’s timeless design DNA and custom-inspired, minimalist bodywork, from the sculpted tank and lockable chrome fuel cap, paired with the Street Twin’s compact front fender and new side panel with a mesh detail Integrated with premium aluminum tank decals for an impressive result.

triumph street twin

MY21 StreetTwin LHS scaled e1614107158350

Twin Street

The Street Twin’s class-leading finish, which includes new brushed aluminum throttle body trims and distinctive Bonneville black engine covers, is complemented by a distinctive finned head and headstock clamps.

Equipped with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires for great grip and durability, the new cast wheels add to the overall custom look and feature machined details on the spokes.

For Street Twin riders who want to customize their motorcycles, there are 120 Genuine Triumph Accessories to add protection, comfort, style, capacity and safety. These include options for luggage, mosquito nets, grab bars, engine protection bars, engine guards, and black or chrome engine covers. All accessories have been designed and manufactured together with the bike, for seamless integration, and have been tested to the same standards.

new triumph street twin 2021

StreetTwin 21MY 1863 BR Details scaled e1614107402778

The 2021 Street Twin is available in three color options: Cobalt Blue, Matt Ironstone, and Jet Black.

The 2021 Street Twin also comes with a new 10mm thicker seat that features a new foam blend for better padding, giving the rider an even more comfortable ride.

Renowned for its accessibility, the new 2021 model has a low 765mm seat height and excellent foot width, making it a great bike for riders of all heights and sizes.

triumph speed twin 2021

MY21 StreetTwin HR1 scaled e1614107514900

Twin Street

The Street Twin is exceptionally easy to drive, with intuitive and neutral handling, and has a great standard equipment specification, with cartridge front forks and dual rear shocks, a high-spec Brembo single disc front brake setup for great comfort. bite and feel and a torque assist clutch for light and easy operation, a real benefit in city traffic or long trips.

ABS and switchable traction control are …

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