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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Venus Williams net worth is $ 95 million (updated for 2020)

3 julio, 2021

Venus Williams and her sister gave tennis a new face as they forged their legacy in the sport. Venus has done very well in her career despite multiple obstacles. She is an incredible woman who has built a net worth estimated at $ 95 million. We wonder if she got so rich strictly because of her athletic career. When we look at his history and career, this is what we learned.

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Net worth $ 95 million
Name Venus ebony Starr Williams
Age 39
Was born Lynwood, California
Date of birth June 17, 1980
Richness’ fountain American professional tennis player
Country USA

His early years

Venus was born in 1980 and her natural talent for tennis became apparent when she was still very young. She was active in the sport and at the young age of 14 she played for Oakland in a professional game. She won the first match but lost in the second against the young woman who would become the tournament champion. In 1997, Venus was reaching the quarterfinals in various tournaments. She broke through when she reached the US Open final, losing to Martina Hingis. She went ahead in 1998 and was the winner in the Women’s Tennis Association singles tournament for her first major victory and then again at the IGA Tennis Classic, which she would win three times. It was at this point in her tennis career that she was recognized as a star in the sport.

Go ahead

Venus entered the Grand Slam singles tournament in 2000 and took the victory over Lindsay Davenport at Wimbledon. She then achieved another victory over Davenport at the US Open later that year and was later the gold medal winner at the Sydney Olympics. He went on to win four individual Grand Slam titles in 2002 and this was the year he reached the rank of World No. 1 tennis player by the WTA. She was also the first African-American woman to achieve this status, and her sister would follow her shortly after.

Facing obstacles

In 2005, Venus ran into some major obstacles along the way. He had a wrist injury that got worse from time to time, but came back from his injuries to win the Wimbledon final in 2007 and 2008. He experienced more significant trauma in 2011 when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. . He was out of professional tennis for a year but came back and in 2015 he came back to the top by winning the Australian Open final, which was his first Grand Slam final since his previous appearance in 2010.

How much did Venus earn from tennis?

WTA statistics show that Venus Williams’ total prize money winnings exceed $ 40.5 million. The figure only represents less than half of his estimated net worth right now, so how did he earn his tens of millions beyond this?

Venus is a smart businesswoman

Venus had a lot of money to work with and was smart about her investments. Not only is she a star tennis player, she is also an investor and entrepreneur. Venus founded a company that specializes in women’s sportswear called EleVen, as well as an interior design company called V Starr Interiors. These are just two of his entrepreneurial endeavors. It also owns a portion of the UFC and has made significant investments in other companies that have increased its asset base.


Being a star professional tennis player also means that the big brands are eager to have her endorsement for their products. Even though she didn’t need any endorsements because she has her own clothing line, she was courted by some big brands, including Electronic Arts, and also struck a deal with Wilson Sporting Goods, as well as doing some commercials for Tide detergent.

Final thoughts

Venus Williams has made a fortune as a star professional tennis player. However, most of his $ 95 million estate has been earned through his other business endeavors. She is a celebrity, professional athlete, investor, and businesswoman, and has done very well making smart investments, establishing her own businesses, and endorsing some major brands.

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