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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What happens if your credit card chip doesn’t read?

3 julio, 2021

Imagine that you are in such a good mood after landing a lucrative contract and decide to invite your friends to eat and drink. The bill arrives, so you search your wallet to get your credit card and hand it over to the waitress. After a while, you come back with the bad news that your credit card doesn’t work. You are sure that you have not reached the limit of your credit card and you realize that the chip probably has a problem. You politely ask your friends to contribute and promise to pay them back. While you equip yourself with tips to save you so much embarrassment next time, here’s all you need to know about chip cards.

How do credit card token readers work?

First came the magnetic stripe card (magnetic stripe) and then the chip card to make transactions more secure. Magnetic stripe cards are prone to fraud because the payment information on the back of the stripe remains the same, making it easy to clone. Chip cards, on the other hand, are dynamic in their encryption. Unfortunately, according to IDTech Products, chip cards have not yet gained popularity; therefore, credit cards have both a chip card and a magnetic stripe. A chip card uses a computer chip that is placed in the credit card to allow communication with the terminals, since it stores the customer’s bank details. When immersed in the card reader, the chip card and reader communicate in an encrypted language and with each transaction, a new code is created, then the data is encrypted and sent to the acquirer.

Before we advise you what to do when your credit card chip is not reading, we will let you know how it is contributing to the problem.

Heat, water and other damage

According to EverythingWhat, leaving your credit card in the bottom of your purse puts you at risk of being scratched by sharp objects like car keys, resulting in a damaged chip. Even the slightest scratch can make the chip unreadable. Sometimes even physical force can cause damage, such as when it has been bent so much that it loses its chip-holding ability. Even carelessness, like splashing your card with water, will cause damage. Heat can also damage your car; Exposing it to extreme heat, such as that emitted by dryers, can bend the card, cause it to lose its shape and cannot be inserted into the card reader.

Use it and throw it away

Time has a way of reminding us to replace things as they age, and credit cards are no exception. The more you use yours, the more wear and tear will be on the chip and eventually it will stop reading, rendering it useless.


As you clean the surfaces of your phones and your wallet, remember that credit cards get dirty. Can you imagine how many times you have touched it with your hands full of oil after a delicious meal. The buildup of dirt will eventually render the credit card useless because even when you swipe the information onto the chip, it cannot be read.

Magnetic stripes affected

We are guilty of keeping our credit cards in wallets or purses that are probably closed with a magnetic mechanism. While this option helps eliminate the headaches of zippers getting caught in something, they do a lot of damage to your credit card over time. When the credit card is in the same magnetic field as the wallet, the data stored on the chip is encrypted, rendering the credit card unreadable. It is not just the magnetic fields in your purse that affect the credit card chip. According to Discover, even magnetic fields in an MRI machine or security sensor removal device will still alter the magnetic stripe causing the card to lose its ability to swipe.


The Silicon Underground advises that you should clean your credit card if you notice that it is not readable. Accumulated dirt can be easily removed with a simple touch of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol needs to be at least 90%, so if you can get a much purer solution, the more effective it will be. Clean the chip contacts with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The blog adds that while it won’t guarantee the tabs will be read forever, it will at least keep it going. Even if you can’t get some alcohol, you can still use nail polish remover to remove physical impurities. Alternatively, you can use an antibacterial wipe to clean the dirt and then use an eraser to remove any remaining trash particles. If even …

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