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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What is an alternator exciter?

2 julio, 2021

An alternator is a car part that transmits power from the fuel system to the battery to operate vehicle accessories, such as the radio, headlights, and air conditioning fans. A wire called an exciter generates the voltage necessary for an alternator to start working once a vehicle is started.

Description: alternator exciter

Generally, three cables are connected to an alternator, including the exciter cable. The exciter, which is a low-voltage generator that transmits direct current, sends electrical current directly to the alternator.

Malfunction: alternator exciter

If the exciter cable is disconnected or malfunctioning, it will not transmit voltage to the alternator, and as a result, the alternator will not generate enough power to operate the accessories. Initially, alternator failure may not cause any symptoms as a vehicle’s battery has some reserve power, but eventually, the reserves are depleted and accessories such as the radio and air conditioning will stop working.

Exceptions: how to run an alternator

The alternators in most modern vehicles have internal voltage regulators; therefore, they do not need a driver cable to function properly.

how to put an exciter to an alternator

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