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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What it’s like to fly first class on Alaska Airlines

3 julio, 2021

When you fly on a domestic flight, even the first class seats can sometimes be a bit sketchy. Chances are, if you spend the extra money to fly first class, it’s not exactly a short hop. In fact, most passengers don’t use first class unless they are going to be in the air or at least four hours. Since most airline flights take about six hours to cross the country at normal cruising speed, most people who pay for first-class flights on domestic airlines fly fairly long distances. This is the case with most of the flights carried out by Alaska Airlines.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to fly first class on this airline, you might be surprised. You won’t find suites or beds that are flat like you would on some planes serving overseas, but the first-class service available on Alaska Airlines is definitely superior to flying by coach, to say the least. In fact, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the seat itself. It is important to note that Alaska Airlines uses the Airbus A320 for these types of flights, and that fact alone is enough to get the attention of most people. This is an aircraft that is much larger than most other aircraft currently used for shorter flights. As such, it is much easier to find the room you are looking for on a first class flight when you are on this type of plane.

If you are concerned about the airline carrying a larger plane with more seats, you don’t have to worry about that when flying first class on Alaska Airlines. In fact, they only have two rows of seats, each row with two seats next to each other. That leaves more than enough room to get comfortable. The seats are also not standard airplane seats. Instead, they are much wider than most airplane seats and recline. It is not just the backrest that reclines, but the entire seat. This also provides support for your legs and feet. Plus, you don’t have to worry about jamming your seat into someone’s lap because there’s a lot of space from front to back, allowing you to have your own space.

There are actually several amenities that Alaska Airlines provides for its first class section. Aside from the larger seats, passengers also have the opportunity to enjoy a pillow, a padded blanket, and even a pair of headphones, all set and waiting for them as part of their ticket price. There is a screen attached to the seat that you can use to watch movies, TV shows, or listen to music. In fact, there are around 40 to 50 different movies to choose from along with the TV shows. That gives you a lot to do while in the air.

If you need to be connected to work, you can stream unlimited data for an additional $ 20 fee. That’s not bad, especially considering the fact that you can use it from the moment you take off to the moment you land. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, that’s fine too. You can still keep in touch with friends and family using something like Facebook or the Messenger app on your smartphone. You have access to these options without spending an extra penny.

One of the best things about flying first class on Alaska Airlines is that you get to eat some great food. The first thing you’ll probably notice about it, aside from the fact that you have several options available, is that it doesn’t taste like airplane food. In fact, it tastes fresh and is made with high-quality ingredients. You can also choose all the coffee or tea that you would like to drink during the flight and you can even choose alcoholic beverages once you are in the air.

There is no doubt that Alaska Airlines has very good options for its first class passengers. By now, you’re probably wondering how much everything will cost you. Much depends on where you take off from and how far you go. Generally speaking, a first class seat on this airline will cost you between $ 700 and roughly $ 1,500 for a roundtrip ticket. All things considered, that’s not much more than the airbus is on many other airlines, so it may be worth the extra money.

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