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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What it’s like to fly first class on Virgin America Airlines

5 julio, 2021

With American Virgin Airlines, a favorite being consumed by Alaska Airlines, frequent flyers wonder if the service will maintain its high standards for first-class travelers. The airline has established an excellent reputation among first-class passengers and they don’t want to lose the comfort and convenience they have become accustomed to as the merger absorbs them. If you haven’t yet flown first class with Virgin Airlines, here’s what you were missing.

The cost is not that bad

If you were to book a roundtrip flight on Virgin Airlines from Seattle, Washington to London Heathrow Airport, the cost of first class tickets is currently around $ 2,409 for an adult ticket. When you consider all the amenities, it is one of the most reasonable airlines for a luxury trip across the Atlantic from the United States. There is no additional charge for the pampering you will receive on board the flight.

Boarding simplification

When you fly into the United States from London Heathrow, you can be in the upper-class wing of the airport’s clubhouse in minutes. First-class passengers have the advantage of smooth, fast and stress-free access through the private security channel. While you are there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious dinner with a glass of champagne before your flight. You will avoid waiting in long lines together with economy class passengers because the first class ticket allows you to avoid the hassles. Preferred boarding is one of the greatest benefits a frequent traveler can enjoy. If you book your first class ticket well in advance, you can choose your seat and everything can be done online.

Premium baggage allowances

First-class passengers enjoy increases in baggage allowances. This includes luggage that is carried on the flight to the cabin as carry-on luggage, as well as those that are stored in the hold during the flight. Airline customers like the fact that they don’t have the weight restrictions that are imposed on those flying in Business and Economy classes. When disembarking, first-class travelers are among the first passengers to collect their luggage. This saves you time when you’re in a rush and you won’t have to wait an hour or two to collect your things.

Chauffeur services

High-class tickets give you the option of using the airline’s chauffeur services. They will take you to and from the airport. This ensures that you will arrive on time for your flight. It also means that you will have a ride from the airport to your destination without the need to waste time trying to hail a taxi or rent a car.

Spacious private cabins

From the moment you are seated, you will be surrounded by luxury in your first class private cabin. Virgin offers an incredible atmosphere for passengers that begins with ambient lighting. The colors are calm and soothing with a distinctive purple / fuchsia color that is calming and relaxing. Virgin does not allow the use of green or blue lighting, which is a definite advantage. Colors in the lighting palette range from fuscia to mauve to purple. The nighttime schedule changes to promote better sleep.

The seats are designed for maximum passenger comfort. They are made of luxurious and comfortable white leather and feature a 52-inch step with three inches of quilted padding. You won’t have to worry about legroom because they have embedded the entertainment boxes underneath the walking area on their A320 aircraft. This has eliminated the troublesome black metal boxes found on many first-class flights. The seats are fully adjustable recliners with leg rests, massage functions and lumbar support. There are a total of eight seats in first class so you don’t feel crowded.

While on board, you will also find adjustable reading lights. You can enjoy your favorite book on board the flight with just the right amount of focused lighting. First-class passengers with Virgin also enjoy the ability to order food via touch-screen service. You will still have to pass the cart, but you can also order food whenever you want during the flight. Full meals are served for longer flights, including snacks and drinks. The touchscreen ordering system is convenient and even allows you to order a drink for a passenger seated elsewhere on the flight. Orders are prepared in minutes and delivered when you want them.

Entertainment or …

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