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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What makes Lamborghini wheels different from the rest?

3 julio, 2021

Lamborghini is an Italian luxury supercar that arguably sets itself apart from the herd by multiple features. One of the biggest differences that distinguishes them from other manufacturers is the design of the wheels. While some of us may never have thought about the importance of wheels and how they affect the look and performance of a vehicle, it is a detail that Lambo has been on top of for decades. They maintain exclusivity in almost every aspect of the design details of every vehicle that is produced. Are the wheels different from the others? The answer is a decided yes. What makes Lamborghini wheels different from the rest? These are the unique features of Lambo wheels that most people don’t know about.

Different sizes from front to back.

The Lamborghini Aventador S model uses wheels of different sizes from front to rear. At the front, the rims are 20 inches. The rear wheel rims are 21 inches. This model has aluminum alloy wheels, but it is the only model of the brand that uses different rim diameters.

Why does Lamborghini use bigger tires at the rear?

On rear-wheel drive models, placing larger tires at the rear affects vehicle performance. The Aventador S comes with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. For the RWD edition, having a larger diameter wheel at the rear puts more rubber in contact with the road along with the axle of the vehicle. What this does for performance is it increased acceleration potential. This makes perfect sense from an engineering and design perspective, but what about the AWD models? Although the front and rear wheels do the same amount of work, unlike the RWD editions, the weight of the vehicle is still shifted to the rear. In high acceleration conditions, the larger contact area gives AWDs more stability as they recover from corners.


The performance improvement is a good reason to use larger tires at the rear, but it is not the only reason Lamborghini uses larger tires at the rear. As most of you know, Lamborghini prides itself on designing some of the most unique vehicles in the world. Larger tires at the rear, at least for mid-engined vehicles, put the rear axle in a higher position. This gives it a more aggressive image and it seems more ready to hit the road with really fast driving.

They are exclusive and have custom wheels for each model.

Lamborghini insists on using exclusive wheels for some of its models. These details add to the overall differences in the appearance of each car that is released for sale. For example, the Murcielago Reventon is equipped with Alcoa wheels that have been exclusively supplied for the Italian brand since 2007. The car features special wheels with a unique appearance only for this limited-race vehicle and they measure 18 x 9 inches at the front and 18 x 13-inch wheels at the rear. They are directional specific and each wheel is forged from a single block of 6061-T6 aluminum. The wheel creation process is unique. Each one is machined and finished for a unique style that is ultra strong and durable, yet lightweight, and is etched with the term “Alcoa Forged” to further distinguish them from the others. The wheels are finished with a gloss black Lamborghini cape and then adorned with exclusive carbon fiber fins for a unique aesthetic.

Benefits of the unique forging process

The process of creating Alcoa forged wheels is actually quite extensive. If you’re wondering why they are so expensive, it’s because of the use of premium materials and the extensive process used to create them. We examined the Alcoa process that Lamborghini ordered to be specific and counted about 15 steps just to get to the custom wheel. Early processes include billet ingot preform where the single piece of aluminum alloy is cut, cut and machined. It is placed in ovens and then die-forged open in presses, then goes through specific steps and finishing is also a labor intensive process of trimming, machining, heat treating, finishing, cleaning and inspecting for perfection. The forged wheels produced are up to 300 times stronger and more durable than cast wheels and maintain a polished shine for longer. It is a precision process and Lamborghini is extremely particular in every step of the process to achieve a flawless finish.


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