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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What should you look for in a Rolex watch repair service?

5 julio, 2021

Your Rolex watch is covered by a warranty that supports the quality and flawless operation of the watch for a full five years from the date of its original purchase. Normal wear and tear is not covered, nor is misuse, but if certain components of the watch fail during the warranty period, the watch is covered and backed by the issued warranty. It is important to have your Rolex watch checked to keep it in good working order. Here are some things to look for in a Rolex watch repair service.

Make sure the watch repair service is an Official Rolex Service Center if it is still under warranty

Any work that needs to be done on your Rolex watch must be completed by a certified and official Rolex service center. Staff and technicians have been trained to inspect and clean Rolex brand watches. If repair is necessary, this is the only type of service provider recognized under warranty. If you have repairs done by a third party, the warranty will be void. It is not worth losing your warranty by going to a different repair shop.

Rolex watches have no warranty

If your Rolex watch has passed the 5-year warranty date, or if you are not the first owner, you can save money by going to a competent watch repair service. The cost of maintaining a Rolex at the factory is around $ 800 for basic cleaning and maintenance. Other jewelers using the same service methods can charge as little as $ 200- $ 300 for the same service. With this in mind, here are some things to keep in mind and what to look for in a Rolex service provider that is not affiliated with the Rolex Service Center.

Compare prices

Before agreeing to have your Rolex repaired, it’s a good idea to get some price estimates. Some providers may charge higher prices than others. Get the best possible deal on a reputable watch repair service.

Check the reputation of the service.

It is best to go with a Rolex watch repair service that has had previous experience in servicing Rolex brand watches. Explore the company’s reputation to make sure it scores highly for quality inspections. One of the best ways to do this is to read consumer reviews and learn about the experiences others have had with having their Rolex watches repaired through the company.

Ask about the repair process

Find out about the cleaning methods the dealer uses when repairing Rolex watches. The recommended method is to disassemble the watch and movement and use ultrasonic cleaning. Components must be inspected for corrosion and fatigue fiction. All gaskets and seals must be lubricated and replaced. The service should also include a water pressure test, time calibration, along with an official COSC time test. Finally, the service should include a complete polishing of the case, crystal, and band.

Compare warranty programs

Not all watch repair services offer a guarantee on the work performed. Look for a repair service that will back the job with a warranty of at least one year on the work being done. This can save you money if your Rolex is getting old or having problems. Your service agent should find any problems or signs of wear and make any necessary replacements on the first visit. If the watch does not hold up for at least a year after service, it could mean that the inspection process was not thorough or that the correct replacement parts were not used when repairs were made.

Genuine Rolex Parts

While it is a matter of preference, it is best to opt for a watch repair service that uses genuine Rolex replacement parts to perform the necessary repairs. Aftermarket components may not be the correct size or may not be made of the same quality materials. Rolex watches that have been repaired with replacement parts that have another brand may lose value. This is especially true if your watch is a special edition or if it is something rare or old. Rolexes are expensive, high-end luxury watches and changing some of the components can interfere with the authenticity of the piece.

The work area must be clean

When choosing a watch repair service, it is important to opt for a company that maintains a clean workspace. Some services are night flight and the ones used to do watch service and repairs can tell you …

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