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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What was the motorcycle mounted on Rocky III?

2 julio, 2021

Many of us look back on the Sylvester Stallone movie “Rocky III” fondly. It was released by Metro-Goldwiny-Mayer / United Artists in 1982. Motorcycle enthusiasts especially liked Rocky’s ride. For those who didn’t get a good look, the bike was a Harley Davidson FLH 80. The bike has also been seen in the later movie of the “Rocky V.” series. Journalist Barbara Walters was lucky enough to be taken by Stallone on a bicycle while filming a television special, according to Entertainment HA. Heritage Auctions put the bike up for sale in 2015.

Where to refer to the bicycle in the movie.

The complex was kind enough to point out the scenes with the iconic Harley that Rocky Balboa rode in “Rocky III.” Rocky can be seen riding his bike in many different scenes in the movie. One of the most poignant scenes occurs right after Rocky’s mentor Mickey Goldmill dies of a heart attack. It’s an emotional scene and Rocky gets on his bike and heads to the statue his hometown had erected in his honor. He is full of despair at that moment. He removed his helmet and threw it at the statue in his pain. It is a fundamental scene in the film and you can also see the bicycle well.

Sylvester Stallone Heritage Auction

Stallone held a shipping festival with Heritage Auctions. The bike was one of the standout pieces for sale, along with the helmet he wore in the movie Rocky III. Memorabilia from his Rocky series totaled 1,400 items. Total Rocky’s website reports that it was a three-day auction that raised more than $ 3 million in a charitable effort to raise money for wounded service men and women and other American veterans. This was the purpose of the auction. The advance publicity for the mega event sparked great interest among motorcycle enthusiasts who wanted a chance to test drive the iconic motorcycle. The auction was held in Los Angeles in 2015. Attendees enjoyed the tour of a lifetime as display cases filled with “Rocky” memorabilia lined the room. Music from the franchise was also played during the event. Mini DVD screens were installed to show a variety of assorted Rocky movie scenes to add to the excitement. The same helmet that Rocky tossed to the state of himself was present and was picked up by a fan for a whopping $ 6,875. However, the bike was not sold at auction.

Where is the famous motorcycle now?

We were interested in learning more about the famous motorcycle that Rocky Balboa rode in two installments of the “Rocky” franchise. After a bit of research, we were finally able to trace some clues. Although there were no buyers for the bike at Sylvester Stallone’s Heritage auction, there was another attempt to sell it at auction. The bike appeared on the Live Auctioneers block, but the date was not available. The bike was sold for an undisclosed amount to the highest bidder. Who was the lucky winner of the auction? We did some research to try to find out who ended up in possession of the famous Harley.

The Proud New Owner of Rocky’s Bike

Information about the whereabouts of the bicycle appeared on social media. We found a post by Nick Cordasco on his personal page. He posted “It is very special to have Sylvester Stallone’s motorcycle used in ROCKY III and V parked in my living room. If I use it. Amazing post he made when I received the bike from the same man. #sylvesterstallone #rockybalboa #harleydavidson on his Facebook page. The post was dated July 16, 2018. It’s unclear how long Nick was in possession of the famous Rocky bike, but he was certainly proud to own it. He even posted a photo with Sylvester Stallone, the Italian stallion in celebration of the event.

The Rocky Shovelhead was auctioned again

Barneby’s again showed the same bike for sale. Although no details about the seller were listed, we assume it was the gentleman who owned it in 2018. Barneby’s auction house listed it as Sylvester Stallone’s Harley-Davidson ‘Rocky Balboa Italian Stallion’. The details provided about the item matched the description and VIN number. The auction announcement date was September 2019. It was a closed auction with an estimated bid of $ 200,000. The auction was held in Los Angeles, California.

Final thoughts

The Harley-Davidson Shovelhead that Sylvester Stallone drove in the movies “Rocky III” and “Rocky V” has become one of the most …

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