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▷▷ 2021 ▷ What you should know about Mazda’s extended warranty

3 julio, 2021

Mazda Extended Warranty Basic Inclusions

With the vehicle service contract, you get comprehensive protection or powertrain coverage for your new or old Mazda vehicle, depending on the specific plan you choose.

Guarantee plans

Mazda offers two major vehicle protection plans for vehicles such as the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda3 under its Confidence Extended Warranty Program. Each plan varies in component coverage and mimics the basic coverage of the original powertrain and full warranties.

  • Confidence in the powertrain: This plan offers the same powertrain coverage as the original powertrain warranty. As a result, most of the component list focuses on the engine, transmission, and powertrain parts that keep the vehicle running on a daily basis.
  • Total confidence: This plan provides the highest level of warranty protection and covers most of the vehicle’s factory electrical and mechanical components. This plan nearly matches the New Vehicle Limited Warranty Mazda offers for its new vehicles.

Mazda offers some flexible payment options and tries to keep deductibles at $ 100 or less. Mazda’s warranty is fully transferable if the vehicle is sold and relies on certified Mazda technicians and genuine Mazda replacement parts when performing service or repair work.

Mazda owners have access to 24/7 roadside assistance from the company. During the coverage period, Mazda will offer services or reimburse things like:

  • Flat tire / trailer assist
  • Blocking
  • Rental cars
  • Trip interruption
  • Gas

Major Roadside Assistance is limited to factory defect issues, which means that a vehicle must experience a factory-related issue in order for the owner to obtain reimbursement benefits while traveling on the road.

Mazda Extended Warranty Basic Exclusions

Like other warranties, Mazda Extended Vehicle Service Plans have some limitations on what they cover and when.


When it comes to financial help with routine maintenance services, extended warranty plans fall short. Most of the work covered by the warranty must be related to a manufacturing defect. This means that you won’t get much help when it comes to services like oil changes and tire rotation.

Incidental damage

Most warranties lack the extended coverage to address incidental damages such as accidents and environmental damage. Mazda’s extended warranty is no different in this regard, which means you’ll likely pay out of pocket if your vehicle experiences any non-factory-related damage, or you’ll need to find other forms of coverage.

Mazda offers some additional protections that address some incidental damage issues. Your tire and wheel protection package, for example, covers basic damage due to road hazards. The Appearance Package Protection Plan also offers some financial protection for dents and bumps that can occur outside or inside the vehicle.

The benefits of Mazda’s extended warranty

Unlike some automakers and auto insurance providers, Mazda’s Extended Warranty has an extensive list of coverage for components that are vital, expensive, and susceptible to damage. This protective coverage almost matches the original manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s easy to continue to enjoy the added peace of mind that original coverage offers.

The other important benefit of the Mazda Extended Warranty, regardless of the protection plan you choose, is the use of Mazda-certified parts, so you can get genuine parts as replacements from authorized dealers.

Finally, the extended warranty is quite profitable at the deductible level. With a price range between $ 0 and $ 100, it is easier to pay for the extended warranty so that you can continue to enjoy your vehicle for a longer period of time.

The drawbacks of Mazda’s extended warranty

Mazda’s lack of incidental coverage is somewhat of a problem considering it’s available in add-on packages. In other words, while some automakers don’t offer incidental damage assistance, Mazda does if you’re willing to pay more. The added cost is a detractor to keeping your vehicle truly protected without having to pay more or seek third-party coverage options.

Mazda also makes it difficult to get more value above …

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