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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Where can you get the best used Louis Vuitton bags?

6 julio, 2021

A woman without her purse is not fully clothed; therefore, a member of Parliament in Kenya caused a stir when she brought hers to the House, contrary to parliamentary etiquette. However, it is one thing to carry any bag and quite another to have a designer bag. They say you can’t buy a class, but carrying a designer bag puts you in your own class. Fortunately, you don’t even have to spend a fortune to make that fashion statement because you can get yourself some high-quality second-hand bags. If your favorite designer is Louis Vuitton, this is your lucky day because we will tell you where to get authentic used Louis Vuitton bags.


Rebag boasts of having competitive deals on its Louis Vuitton bags even though they are second hand. The resale company prides itself on being exclusive in designer handbags and claims to be the authority in that sector. Limit the list of designers to less than 50, with Gucci, Prada and Chanel topping the list. According to Insider, the company’s acceptance of the second-hand bag is quite rigorous, which means you’ll end up with a bag that looks like new.

As a result, even your second-hand bags are still expensive, but nowhere near what you would shell out for a new bag. The bottom line is that you will get value for your money. According to Vogue Business, various factors such as scarcity, brand, condition and season determine the price. However, you’ll be happy to know that most have 50% discount rates, with some selling for two-thirds of the original price. Rebag facilitates the process of buying the bag you want through its application, where you have many options to choose from among the many offers available. If you choose to touch the products before committing your money, you can enter any of their strategically located stores in New York, California, Miami, among other locations. Best of all, if you take care of your second-hand bag, you can still resell it to Rebag.

The RealReal

As published on CNBC, The RealReal is the largest online consumer marketplace for authenticated luxury goods globally. It stands on a pedestal by emphasizing how well it authenticates your products; therefore, it claims that its products are “100% authentic.” The CEO said they strive for perfection, but they may not always be perfect, which is reasonable as excellence can only be achieved by pursuing perfection. Although the company has continued to be hailed as the world’s leading reseller, its authentication system has had some flaws. One person revealed that the company sold a fake bag worth $ 3,600. Still, the company does its best to make sure you end up with authentic handbags or other used items that you might want to buy. Their authentication process once detected 4,000 counterfeits out of the 490,000 items tested, so let’s give it a hoot.


The Fashionphile CEO stated that authenticating the items they receive is more of a science than an art, so they put each item through a strict selection process involving expert staff and cutting-edge technology. The company’s expertise, especially in authenticating Louis Vuitton bags, is unmatched, considering it was solely about the brand when it started. The founder spent a lot of time learning how to authenticate the brand so you can be sure you get the real deal with Fashionphile. The founder and CEO worked together to become familiar with the authentication of the Louis Vuitton and Chanel brands. They got so good at it that they even wrote guides that Fashionphile uses to date. Scammers who ship fake bags to the company end up suffering losses because they are charged a fee of up to $ 125 for high-end brands like Hermes. As a result, the likelihood of Fashionphile receiving counterfeits is low, which should increase your peace of mind every time you shop with them. If you are concerned about price, they have a pricing tool that ensures you are not overcharged; can predict the trend, and Fashionphile only raises the prices of bags affected by that specific trend.


Sometimes you don’t want to fill your closet with lots of designer bags; you are only interested in a particular bag for that season. As such, borrowing rather than buying is more practical and Vivrelle offers the ideal solution. According to Travel and Leisure, you can sign up for a minimum of three months to borrow from the extensive collection. The plan you choose will give you access to bags with a value …

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