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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Why you should consider a Hyatt credit card

3 julio, 2021

The Hyatt credit card may not be a favorite among referrals and affiliates, but it is nevertheless one of the highest-ranking hotel credit cards in the world. So how does a credit card that offers no refunds for affiliate channels attract so many members? The answer is simple; convenience and affordability. Here’s a complete overview of everything you need to know about the Hyatt credit card and the reasons why you should consider getting one.

A global travel companion

Backed by Chase Bank, one of the world’s most reputable banks, the Hyatt credit card is viable for use in most of the world’s popular destinations at any Hyatt-related property. This makes it especially ideal for the frequent traveler who can be anywhere in the world at any time. However, there are many more reasons why a Hyatt credit card is a must. These include:

A substantial sign-up bonus

The Hyatt credit card offers a substantial bonus to members for signing up. Each registration is rewarded with an offer of two free nights at any Hyatt hotel in the world. However, some Hyatt members can earn 50,000 bonus points, but they are almost equal to the cost of spending two nights at a Hyatt hotel. The voucher is much more than most other hotel credit cards would be willing to offer, as it has a monetary value of almost $ 2000. The best thing, however, is the fact that bonus stays are not available. They are limited to weekends only, a drawback that is common to most credit card companies.

An anniversary bonus

To commemorate its anniversary, the Hyatt Credit Card thanks its members by offering them an annual anniversary voucher for a one-night stay at any category one to category four hotel. This means you can spend a free night at any of the best Hyatt hotels. In addition, you can choose when to use the voucher, since it is valid for a whole year. If you do not intend to redeem the bonus, you can collect the equivalent of 15,000 points, which are worth around $ 150; this is a decent amount for an annual gift.

A reasonable spending requirement

The bonuses aren’t free, but you don’t have to do everything you can to earn one with your Hyatt credit card. The minimum requirement to qualify for a Hyatt voucher is reasonably and affordably set at $ 1000 in three months. Once the minimum spend is reached, Hyatt automatically offers two free nights at any of its properties around the world. Unless you don’t plan on traveling a lot, this limit is not a problem as it equates to spending just $ 333 per month, which is way more than you can use for a week-long stay.

An affordable APR and APR

The Hyatt credit card doesn’t lure its members with big bonuses only to load them up with high annual fees. To begin with, the annual fee does not apply for the first year of use. Plus, the rate is set at just $ 75 per year, which is slightly lower than what most other hotel credit cards charge. The APR of the credit card, on the other hand, stands at 16.24%. However, this figure is variable and may appreciate or depreciate in the future. For now, however, it is a fair and affordable interest rate. Plus, with all the bonuses and points that can be redeemed for cash, it’s okay to rule out that Hyatt has zero annual fees. For example, the anniversary bonus is worth twice the annual fee.

Automatic upgrade to elite status

This credit card comes with a Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program that automatically upgrades members to elite status when they meet the requirements. Reaching this status is easy for passionate travelers too, with the minimum requirements being 15 nights or five stays at any Hyatt property around the world. An upgrade to elite status comes with benefits like an additional 15% earnings and flexibility when booking and paying.

Additional bonuses and benefits of using the Hyatt credit card include:

  • 1 point for every $ 1 spent
  • 2 points for every $ 2 spent on restaurants and airline tickets
  • 3 points for every $ 1 spent on any Hyatt-related purchase
  • Zero foreign transaction fees

The best way to use your Hyatt credit card

The Hyatt credit card may be designed for travel and lodging, but its usefulness is not limited to that. However, this is the best way to use the card, as it will …

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