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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Yamaha xsr900 review

6 julio, 2021

040920 2020 Yamaha XSR900 f

yamaha xsr 900 2021

040920 2020 Yamaha XSR900 right profile
040920 2019 Yamaha XSR900 EBB0226

040920 2020 Yamaha XSR900 detail
040920 2019 Yamaha XSR900 EBB0148

040920 2019 Yamaha XSR900 EBB0350
040920 2019 Yamaha XSR900 EBB0304

Get some travel time with him Yamaha XSR900 It took a bit of planning, between some personal scheduling issues and internal delays to get the Yamaha Canada bike, and when it all came together, my enthusiasm to go out and ride the ‘neo-retro’ naked was at its peak. The first time we did a review of the bike was in 2016, and it seemed like almost everyone I spoke to reasonably praised the middle middleweight. I had already given the stream a shine MT-07, And on a concept level, the XSR ticked all the boxes to be a new personal favorite: modern undercarriage, retro styling, upright stance, a torque motor, and fine-tuned suspension tuning.

The challenge with the expectation is always the same. So the question is, did it live up to expectations (and where did Yamaha make improvements over its 2016 sibling)? You’ll notice a color scheme difference between the bike we ride and the 2020 deal – the only update came in the form of a slightly altered paint scheme. While the ’19 models were available in gray and red, equipped with black wheels and a black front fender, Yamaha has switched to another retro-themed combination of white and red, adding a red front fender and contrasting gold wheels.

The looks: yamaha xsr900

Looking at the XSR, I’m really undecided as to whether the XSR900 has aged well (or will) since its launch in 2016. The whole retro-cafe bike scene is still booming, although the market seems to be pushing in the direction. encoders. But the more I look at the countless players in the field of the ‘retro bike’, from this XSR to the Ducati Scrambler, toward Suzuki SV650X Coffee: I can’t help but think that one day we’ll see them again the same way we do with the PT Cruiser, Plymouth Prowler, or the horrible 2002 Ford Thunderbird reboot. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh, and in In comparison to some of its counterparts, the XSR900 has a fairly understated design.

It’s a classic and simple profile, and from most angles it’s a slim, understated bike. You are in dire need of a neat tail though (eliminating the dumb high brake light) and a ditch of those useless (albeit well made) brushed aluminum brackets for your headlight and under the seat. It’s details like these that make someone imagine a group of product planners sitting in the room. “But how do we make the point that it is Neo-Retro? I know, let’s do some parentheses! ” Since we’re on the subject, the retro headlight for retro’s sake on the XSR900 certainly looks good, but leaves room for improvement once you’re on a dark side street with no streetlights.

The ride: yamaha xsr 900 2021

Throwing one leg up and over the XSR900, I’m immediately in familiar territory. The stance is upright and neutral, very much in the same vein as Yamaha’s MT models (maybe a straighter hair). Since I am 6 feet 1 inch tall and mostly legs, the peg position works reasonably well for my lanky body. Between its slip clutch, traction control and three driving modes, setting the right comfort zone for your driving style is relatively straightforward, although it would be remiss to call this “idiot-proof.” If anything, it’s the kind of bike that will teach you a lesson or three very quickly.

The three-cylinder crankshaft concept accelerates quickly and has no qualms about quickly reducing its 115 hp and 65 lb.-ft. of torque. Drive in standard mode for a while and keep the traction control engaged, and you’ll notice that very little effort is still needed to make your nose feel weightless when taking off from scratch. Go up to the more cutting edge ‘A’ setting, or turn down the traction control a bit, and it immediately starts living up to its wheelie machine title.

Although the bike deserves to be dubbed a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is by no means a purebred hooligan bike. Rather, like the MT-07 and MT-09, it is an extremely pleasant ride, which just so happens that it has the ability to dial in actual speed with very few adjustments. The lack of wind protection keeps it from being a real long-distance commute, but a commute to work or a good afternoon cruise is comfortable and effortless, whether on the highway or through city traffic. With that said, I’ll take any opportunity I can to spend a day on this thing …

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