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馃 [2021] Abitur and distance learning I

2 julio, 2021

High School

This type of Abitur is aimed at young people and adults who, for exceptional reasons or due to working hours, cannot attend regular centers during the day.

It is taught in secondary schools approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, according to the modalities in which these classes are organized.


You can be student Abitur if:

  • You are older than 18 years.
  • You are older than 16 years and you are a competitive athlete or have a contract that prohibits you from visiting an educational center during the day.

to teach

The organization of the teaching of these studies depends on the educational administration of each autonomous community.

The topics covered are the like for high school, less sport,. In other words, the evening Matura is divided into general core subjects, optional core subjects and special subjects according to a modality (natural sciences, humanities and social sciences or art).


The deadlines for applying for a study place are based on the general admission procedure for the Abitur as part of one-day studies. The enrollment takes place according to the chosen modality.

In contrast to the regular Abitur, the Abitur is for adults is not subject to any temporary limitation on duration. However, the Ministries of Education of the Autonomous Communities can set these limits.

Distance Abitur

Distance learning is aimed at adults and people who find themselves in exceptional situations or who are unable to attend regular centers and at regular times due to their work.

This high school diploma is flexible so that it adapts to personal, family and professional circumstances.


To the access you must have more than 18 years and meet the academic requirements for access to the bachelor’s degree (ESO degree or equivalent, title of Technician, Sports Technician or Technician for Fine Arts and Design).

You can go with. access 16 years if you are a competitive athlete or have an employment contract that prevents you from following these teachings in the normal regime.

to teach

The Structure and modalities of the Abitur in distance learning are the same as in the face-to-face offer. There is no time limit for the duration of the remote Matura and the exams are face-to-face exams.

Where should i study

The Center for Innovation and Development of Distance Education (CIDEAD) …

馃 [2021] Abitur and distance learning I