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🥇 [2021] Advantages of studying jewelry design I

2 julio, 2021

Jewelry design is the discipline that is responsible for the conception of pieces of jewelry made of different materials. This is done on a scientific and technical basis, which is different from traditional craft.

What is jewelry design about?

With the growth of the jewelry industry around the world, it has become necessary to create a discipline that deals with the design, manufacture, and production of jewelry in a scientific and professional manner. The jewelry design professional takes several variables into account in carrying out this process, including the technical aspects, the fashion, the materials to be used, the shape and the techniques available.

You want to design jewelry
Would you like to design jewelry?

What tasks does a jewelry designer take on?

The work of the designer begins with the conception of the idea and the creation of the sketch, for which he must have drawing skills. This can be done by hand or by computer programs. You must also add to the design an estimate of the materials to be used, the production techniques that will be used, and other practical considerations, after which you will also need to calculate the budget for the production. The product is then laid out. After the jewelery prototype has been generated, it is produced manually or by machine. The jewelry designer is able to perform all or just some of these tasks.

What is studied in jewelry design?

The subjects may vary depending on the direction the different institutes may give the career, but in principle you can choose subjects such as drawing; Production workshop; Jewel design; Materials; Author’s jewels; Marketing; Manufacturing techniques; History of jewelry; Technical drawing; Geometry; Gemology; 3D modeling; Creation of catalogs; etc.

What job opportunities does the jewelry designer offer?

In this case, the job prospects are quite direct, as the knowledge acquired is difficult to divert to other professions. The jewelry designer dedicates himself rather independently to the design and manufacture of pieces of jewelry in order to work out “author’s jewels” or also in the craftsmanship; You can also work within companies that design and / or manufacture and manufacture jewelry; You can devote yourself to goldsmithing; be an operator in a jewelry workshop; and you can also focus your professional work on …

🥇 [2021] Advantages of studying jewelry design I