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馃 [2021] Biologist, main functions and professions I

3 julio, 2021

In the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, the biologist is defined as the professional who “studies living beings such as animals or plants and the world around them in order to expand our knowledge and understanding of areas such as the environment, genetics and animals”. or plant biology “.

To get into this profession, you need to acquire some very specific technical and practical knowledgeas there is a eminently scientific profession. The Degree in biology It can be studied at various Spanish universities. For four years he studied mathematics, statistics, biology, molecular genetics, embryology and organography, plant physiology, ecology and human evolution. To improve your studies, we also recommend study techniques to get a better academic result.

biologo2.0 Biologist work, main functions and professions

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The Biologist job It can be geared towards a variety of work activities such as health professions, environment, research and development, pharmaceutical and food industries, or trade and marketing, among others.

Professional profile

Among the characteristics that make up the people who they work as biologists underlines his motivation for medical research and analyzes problems related to the protection of natural species and the care of their environment. In general, they are attentive, patient, very thorough, and persistent people. You feel comfortable working in the laboratory or in nature.

Between Competencies most relevant to performing the various functions of the biologist highlight:

  • Analytical capacity
  • Synthesis capacity
  • Logical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Visual and auditory memory capacity
  • Numerical skills
  • Spatial and mechanical skills
  • Adaptation and management of techniques and technologies

In the founding years, people who want work as a biologist they acquire and improve Knowledge and skills in theoretical and practical skills on the various subjects of biology. In this way, they learn, among other things, to analyze and characterize samples of human origin and other biological materials; catalog, evaluate and manage natural resources; Perform cell and tissue cultures; Design models of biological processes or carry out functional tests, …

馃 [2021] Biologist, main functions and professions I