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馃 [2021] Business Administration | I don’t know what to study I

3 julio, 2021

The business administration career prepares trained professionals to effectively manage and direct the human resources of a company, unit or organization on a global scale.

Business administration is a complete profession, you will learn over everything different Aspects and the Areas that define a company, acquire business, humanities, accounting and administrative knowledge.

Why study business administration?

Bachelor of Business Administration is a course of study that can be completed in person or virtually, with an approximate duration of 4 years, the training is directly related to the fields of economics, accounting, statistics and costs, after completing this career when it is completed The Bachelor of Administration degree is awarded for 4 years.

At many universities they offer an interim degree as a university technician after 3 years of study, there are also universities that offer a double degree. In principle, a degree from upper secondary level is required for enrollment in the business administration course.

Tell us about your career As far as my career is concerned, I can only say that the desire to be successful in the world …

Anyone who studies business administration is a person prepared to set up and properly run private companies or public organizations. Generally speaking, they are professionals with a great entrepreneurial mind who know how to run an organization to maximize its profits and create jobs in a society. They have financial skills, but are also trained humanistically in dealing with their employees. In the following article we will tell you the advantages of studying business administration in order to decide whether it is the right path for you.

Do you know exactly what business administration is?

The need and ability to manage the resources surrounding him is inherent in man. Since we live in society, these resources must be optimized in such a way that they can be optimally distributed according to the economic models that have evolved over time. Hence we say that management is a discipline as old as human civilizations, although it did not evolve as a professional concept until much later. Administration, like many other disciplines that are now universities, has its origins in the war industry. To go to war, civilizations and their leaders needed to know how to manage food, shelter, weapons, and the soldiers necessary to fight. It…

馃 [2021] Business Administration | I don’t know what to study I