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馃 [2021] Communication | I don’t know what to study I

2 julio, 2021

The communication is very broad. The study of communication is an ideal choice for anyone who does not want to get bored and not get stuck in structures.

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Studies at the University of Nebrija

What is studied in communication? How big is it?

By doing Communication career Different subjects are studied depending on the university that prescribes it and the subject it is inclined to. You can learn some concepts of philosophy, psychology, design, advertising, the right to information (related to the laws that affect the field of communication), the technological aspects of communication, the compilation of statistics and its various techniques, the basic concepts of Understanding economics and being able to incorporate it into daily life, a little bit of national history.

Is communication a college degree?

Despite what many believe or not know, the communication career does exist and it is one of the youngest. This career was born from the dynamics of societies and the need to study different aspects of people’s communicative relationships. Why study communication? is the question that many ask themselves before deciding on an apprenticeship. Communication is an alternative for students who want to acquire, observe and analyze knowledge in different industries.

You want to study communication
Would you like to study communication?

Advantages of studying communication

One of the great advantages of a communication career is that you don’t have to wait to start looking for a job. The communicator can gain extensive experience in the practice of his profession in various professional fields, which enriches his wealth of knowledge after completing his communication studies. It also offers the student various concepts that can be very useful in tackling different problems and filling different jobs.

Disadvantages of studying communication

The disadvantage of communication is the know-how, which many call “know-how”. The student may have studied for years, but if he doesn’t know how to apply what he has learned and put it into practice, the college degree won’t be of much use. Therefore it is important to learn in different areas, at the same time the race is over. This disadvantage is closely related to the aforementioned advantage.

What is communication for?

The various subjects that are taught make the student worthwhile …

馃 [2021] Communication | I don’t know what to study I