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馃 [2021] Computer technology | I don’t know what to study I

3 julio, 2021

The Computer Engineering degree program trains you to carry out technical and business tasks (planning, execution and control), this training focuses on application development, algorithm development, project management and control, product development and management of business systems, software programming, analysis and systems architecture.

Professionals in this career will acquire the ideal skills to be successful in the technology sector and develop leadership roles in companies, organizations, foundations or government agencies. Computer engineering prepares you to solve problems, work in a team and participate in the generation of technological developments and innovations.

How long does it take to study computer science?

Computer engineering takes an approximate duration of 6 years (at some universities the duration is 5 years) and after 3 years of study it offers an interim degree that allows you to quickly get in touch with the job market.

The technical informatics course trains you to carry out technical and business management tasks (planning, executing and controlling)

The interim degree varies depending on the program of the respective university:

  • College technician in software development.
  • Programmer analyst.
  • Computer systems analyst.
  • University analyst for information technology.

The interim degree enables you to train yourself in a short period of time and acquire the technical knowledge to be able to work in development projects, architecture and networks, system design, databases, etc.
From the beginning of the course, we work with cases, real situations and study specific topics such as programming, software architecture and functional analysis.

Why study computer science?

Because it prepares you to be a technological leader and to be part of the efficient transformation of information.

What does a computer engineer do?

The engineering professional is trained to solve highly complex problems, with his skills he can design complex systems, carry out and manage projects, manage technological and human resources of any organization.

A computer engineer (depending on the specialty) is qualified to carry out reports, certifications and assessments, to carry out research tasks, work in infrastructure, IT security assessment methods and standards, work on the quality, analysis and organization of data, ensuring the treatment and utilization of data Platforms, development of artificial intelligence processes, implementation of complete systems, video …

馃 [2021] Computer technology | I don’t know what to study I