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馃 [2021] Cosmetics | I don’t know what to study I

1 julio, 2021

The cosmetologist’s career relates to that aesthetic beauty and the Skin health In people.

The study of cosmetology show what are they Techniques and tools necessary for the care and improvement of human body parts and skin properties. The graduate has physical knowledge, chemical variants on the skin and shows great sensitivity in handling his hands.

Cosmetology is a branch of dermatology and the profession provides the basics for diagnosis, application of prevention methods and care plans for human skin. The specialist in cosmetics can work in aesthetic care centers, work as a dermatological assistant or carry out independent and private projects.

The beautician training includes various subjects such as physics, chemistry and psychology on a social level, in addition to those teaching the most important practices in a body or facial treatment.

The race of cosmetology enables individual aesthetics to be maintained, helps people feel better visually, brings professionals closer to fashion history and makes leather an important tool.

The specialist integrates various advisory and support teams in hospitals and aesthetic health centers, both public and private.


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advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of studying cosmetology are:

  • Improvement of skin conditions in people.
  • Opportunity to set up a beauty company on your own.
  • Short term career.
  • Knowledge to prevent and improve the health and beauty of the human body.
  • There will always be customers for aesthetic treatments.

The disadvantage of the career are:

  • The degree is usually dictated in private institutions.
  • The cost of material resources to work.
  • Possible economic instability if you only work independently.
  • It can be exhausting when you serve many customers in a row.
  • It requires a number of mandatory exercises before graduation.

馃 [2021] Cosmetics | I don’t know what to study I