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馃 [2021] Dermatology | I don’t know what to study I

1 julio, 2021

Dermatology is a Specialty of Medicine selected by professionals who are passionate about human skin.

The Specialist in dermatology It’s a choice that can take any medic You are considering a specialization. it is aim is based on the monitoring, the study and the Prevention of an organ what counts as most extensive in humans, the skin. At the same time, although many are not aware of it, knowledge about hair and nails and their respective health disorders is learned. As for the degree itself, at some universities it can be dictated as a private graduate degree, at other academic institutions it is offered as a specialization. In any case, the specialist receives the title of Specialist in dermatology.

Is a career lasting three to four yearswithout the prior extension of the medical career, which must be carried out by all graduates who want to enroll.

Something subjects you can dictate that in the course of your career based on the skin and their different peculiarities, the different problems they can pose; the types of burns that can be seen. Some subjects also relate to the problems of the skin with other organs such as the eyes, the endocrinological, the stomach; as well as topics related to degenerative diseases and others specifically related to obstetric dermatology are also dictated. Others are typical of childhood and old age.

The Dermatologists are allowed to work in private practices at the same time you can use your Tasks in hospitals or Clinics. Some professionals choose to devote some of their time to developing various investigations, and others devote themselves to it Field of teachingto further train suitable specialists.


It is a profession with a wide range of employment opportunities and is considered one of the highest-paying disciplines in medicine.

Graduates in dermatology careers have the Skills required to perform aesthetic treatments and they can perform certain job-related surgeries. The Remove mole, the treatment against acne, Problems with stains on different parts of the bodywhether due to age or exposure to the sun, all tasks of dermatologists.

馃 [2021] Dermatology | I don’t know what to study I