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馃 [2021] Design your curriculum I

2 julio, 2021

How to design a curriculum

The Curriculum or work schedule It must contain everything that relates to a good planning and structuring of the real time that you will devote to the study, taking into account the number of subjects, their difficulty and the time available to you.

You can use several Organization and planning tools on-line like Google Calendar, Trello or Todoist.


set goals

Before you start defining your curriculum, it is necessary Set learning goals. Some have concrete and measurable goals It’s the first and most important step in your planning.

Take into account all the activities that you do in your everyday life

Be realistic and consider the time you spend on other activities Do sports, be with family or friends, eat or sleep. You can reconsider the time spent on these activities based on your priorities.

Set a schedule for learning

When you’ve defined those hours, point to that Period of time that you assign to the desired learning content on a daily or weekly basis. Indicate which topics or units you will be working on in this study session.

Remember that while the curriculum should be flexible, the goal is to meet it as much as possible.

Distribute the study hours during the week

You have to keep in mind that it will be better if you see improvement in your academic results Do not focus the study on a single day over a long period of time without breaksbecause the brain is focused for a limited time.

To increase the efficiency in the study, it is recommended study on different days of the week and try Remember what you learned the day before.

In addition, some time management methods, such as Pomodoro techniqueTrying to divide time into activity and rest intervals can help you be more productive.

Update the curriculum according to your needs

It is important that you remember that The first schedule you create won’t be the last. When you test that it fits all the content to be studied and its level of difficulty, as well as possible unforeseen events that may occur, You can change the schedule to suit your needs much more accurate.

Once you’ve created your class schedule and thought about planning it, you can start studying and make it more productive.

Recommendations for creating a curriculum
  • Organize your work material.
  • Make a flexible schedule.
  • Remember the …

馃 [2021] Design your curriculum I