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馃 [2021] Diplomat – I

2 julio, 2021

Diplomats are civil servants who work to protect and promote the interests of the Spanish state and for justice, prosperity and security around the world. You work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, either at home or in embassies, high commissioners and consulates abroad. The Diplomatic Service protects and promotes the interests of Spain abroad and works for justice, prosperity and security worldwide. Diplomats advise and support ministers and implement Spanish foreign policy.

International issues can be very complex and can include issues such as child abduction, conflict prevention, forced marriage, counterterrorism, climate change, trade and investment. Diplomats are experts in dealing with all of these conflicts.

Diplomats work in Spain and in diplomatic missions abroad (so-called embassies and consulates).

You could perform a number of specialized roles within diplomatic missions, such as political agents, trade officers, information officers, press and public relations officers, entry visa administrators, or consular officers.

Political diplomats are responsible for examining, monitoring and communicating to their country political, economic and social developments in the host country (where the embassy is located). To do this, they read the newspapers extensively and interview politicians, officials and personalities such as business leaders.

They carefully observe the host country’s relations with other countries and its political stance towards their country. They also advise the host country on decisions that are made in their home country.

An important aspect of a diplomat’s job is promoting national business interests abroad. Commercial and investment agents need to understand the local business environment and then advise Spanish companies. For example, they advise Spanish companies when they are considering exporting goods or investing in the host country.

Press and public relations diplomats are responsible for promoting national politics abroad, informing local and other opinion-forming media and answering general questions about Spain.

Consular work includes support and advice for Spanish citizens who are abroad (ie in the country where the diplomat works), for example in the event of loss of passport or lack of money. You could…

馃 [2021] Diplomat – I