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馃 [2021] Director of Human Resources (HR) I

2 julio, 2021

Human Resource Managers (HR) (also known as chiefs of staff) perform a wide variety of tasks depending on the type and size of the company they work for.

Larger companies often have recruiting agents who specialize in areas such as recruiting, industrial relations, health and safety, training and development, or personnel planning. Employees in smaller companies often have to take care of all personnel matters.

Human Resource Managers (HR) work with business leaders to help with recruiting and selection.

For example, a Director of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for:

  • Prepare a description of the job and the characteristics of the person.
  • Advertise the position.
  • Study the application forms.
  • Prepare the procedure and interview questions.
  • Organize tests for candidates.
  • Explain the terms of the contract, for example vacation and pension.
  • Sometimes they help in choosing the selected candidate.
  • Get recommendations.
  • Send a job offer letter.
  • Write a contract.

HR managers often turn to newspapers, trade magazines or employment offices (INEM) to advertise job vacancies. Sometimes they can turn to other offices, for example to cover short-term contracts or specialist positions.

You can provide job title information to increase interest and awareness of the company. You can contact employment offices and provide direct advice, for example on job advertisements.

With regard to employee training, hiring managers analyze the training needs of groups and individuals, and also plan and implement the relevant activities to train employees and acquire new skills.

HR managers can plan an orientation and training program for newly hired employees or a regular evaluation system to check that employees are working effectively and are comfortable on the job. The evaluation system also determines the personnel development and training needs. HR managers can also organize personal consultations for employees.

Sometimes HR managers carry out the training themselves, but more often they organize training for employees by external companies. They also need to evaluate and evaluate the effectiveness of the training and its benefits to the company.

HR managers also need to consider health and safety concerns. They are often responsible for the company’s medical organization, sports and social facilities. You have to maintain and update personnel files, for example vacation and …

馃 [2021] Director of Human Resources (HR) I