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🥇 [2021] Educational suggestions on gender equality from infant and primary education I

1 julio, 2021

Experts on the subject recommend the establishment of equality plans in schools and the training of teachers in co-education

Work on gender equality from school, especially with children Infant and primary education, can help Eliminate gender stereotypes and consequently to Preventing future sexist discrimination situations. The participants in this monograph share this premise. Most acknowledge that the centers are making efforts to implement educational strategies and methodologies that will help break established sexist stereotypes, but that there is still a long way to go.

Change sexist content in teaching materials, Train teachers in educational proposals like coeducation, as well as perform physical changes in the classrooms that favor gender equality are some of the ideas proposed by the interviewees and authors of this publication for changing sexist stereotypes from early childhood. They also agree that Both teachers and families should work together to break stereotypes and to promote gender equality both in schools and in society in general.

Changing gender stereotypes from early childhood

There are various studies trying to explain how that is Gender stereotypes in childhood and how to avoid them. Social learning theorists believe this is Behavioral patterns learned through direct and indirect experience and observation.

Respect for the other and non-violence are mainly learned through practicing the relationships that boys and girls develop in the family and in school., and it is difficult to convey such values ​​if the people who do so do not behave in accordance with those values. This emerges from the study “School coexistence and prevention of gender-based violence from an integral perspective” by María José Díaz-Aguado Jalón, Professor of Educational Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid Participation in education: education as a factor of equality, of the State School Council (2009).

But when do minors begin to adopt these gender stereotypes? From the age of 6, girls feel less intelligent than boys, The Influence on Work Expectations of Women, according to the research “Gender Stereotypes About Intellectual Abilities Arise Early and Interests of Influence Children” (2017), conducted by American researchers, and the results of which were published in the journal science. Also studying …

🥇 [2021] Educational suggestions on gender equality from infant and primary education I