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馃 [2021] Find out more about the level of education in Spain I

3 julio, 2021

Structure and levels of the Spanish education system

Currently, the education system in Spain is regulated and defined by two laws: the Organic Education Law (LOE) of 2006 and the organic amendment law of the LOE (LOMLO) from 2020, which introduces some changes from the previous one.

The The teaching of the Spanish educational system is divided into stages, courses and levels so that the transition between them and within each one is guaranteed. They can be structured as follows:

210222 sistemaeducativo Find out more about the level of education in Spain

Early childhood education

Early childhood education is voluntary character and is between 0 and 6 years. It is divided into two cycles, with the first (0-3 years) taught in kindergartens and the second (3-6 years) usually taught in kindergartens and elementary schools.

The purpose of this level of education is to contribute to the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and moral development of children.

Primary education

Education begins in elementary school compulsory and free of charge, that lasts until the 16. Understand three cycles two years each: cycle initial, from 6 to 8 years, cycle half, from 8 to 10 years and cycle higher, from 10 to 12 years.

Its aim is to encourage boys and girls to develop different skills such as oral expression and understanding and socialization for their progressive autonomy.

Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO)

ESO is the final stage mandatory. It’s free and includes four courses School children under 12 and 16 years, but can be extended to 18 years if repeated. The students should know the basic elements of culture, develop study and work habits and acquire critical thinking.

Afterwards there is the possibility of either completing the Abitur and intermediate vocational training or entering the labor market.

secondary school

The Abitur is one of the post-compulsory secondary education, understand two courses academic and is usually between 16 and 18 years.

This stage is divided into four Modalities: Sciences and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, and General. The main purpose of these studies is to give students access to the higher education.

Vocational Training (FP)

Vocational training enables various professions to be carried out. This is divided into three levels:

  • Basic FP. Addressed this Students who have not graduated from ESO and they want to continue their studies in the field of vocational training. These studies are …

馃 [2021] Find out more about the level of education in Spain I