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馃 [2021] GTA Casino Heist payout: diamonds and cash pixiegames

1 julio, 2021

What is the payout for GTA Casino Heist? As you gaze out at the glittering gambling paradise on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive, the Diamond Casino is certainly one establishment that is saving a lot of money, right?

If you are new to heists in GTA, they are essentially an online multiplayer activity where you plot and execute a robbery with your friends or other players online. This time around, the big Diamond Casino is their target, and after the GTA Casino update hit Los Santos earlier this year, we’re sure there’s plenty of money to go around. It is not as easy as using new weapons to rob the place, you will have to plan and strategize with your friends. Fortunately, there are a ton of new cars from GTA Casino Heist that are the perfect getaway vehicle, especially if everything goes wrong.

But exactly how much money will you make? Well, here is our guide on the GTA Casino Heist payout that you can expect upon successfully infiltrating Diamond Casino.

GTA Casino Heist payment

GTA Casino Heist payout is $ 2.1 million, but diamonds are back, which means you and your team can win more in diamonds than your usual cash review.

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You will have to think about the team that worked as hard as you, so you will be split between two and four players, and you will have to take into account all of Lester’s hard work, of course, as you can see below his $ 30k Cut. , as well as other costs along the way. But the real payoff is teamwork, right? It appears that the potential is much better than the reward itself and the GTA Casino Heist payout after expenses is just over $ 600k.

GTA Casino Heist Diamonds payout

In the Valentine’s Day update, you could earn up to 50% more in diamonds on top of cash. Diamonds were removed from the GTA Casino Heist payout, but now it looks like they’re back, and according to a data miner, you’ll have a much better chance of getting some gems.

If paying for GTA Casino Heist is nothing more than a dream right now, here’s how you can work towards that victory prize with our guide on how to start GTA Casino Heist and all the GTA Casino Heist weapons we’ve ever had. discovered so far. If you want more, you can get a head start with the benefits of GTA Casino Heist Twitch Prime or by finding the GTA jammers.

馃 [2021] GTA Casino Heist payout: diamonds and cash pixiegames