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🥇 [2021] High school students in Mexico I

2 julio, 2021

Before I would like to go into what I believe to be the needs of young people between the ages of 15 and 18, I must first contextualize the school and social situation of this age group.

In Mexico the school cycles are divided into Basic (Preschool for 2 years, Primary from 6 years with a duration of 6 years and Secondary 3 years), a total of 11 years for this cycle. Then follows the upper secondary level, the high school diploma, which has not yet been compulsory – although this would help to widen the range of coverage – and has an average duration of 3 years (in this particular case we have two main modalities: a) Technological high school diploma which is based on Preparing for a faster integration into the labor market, ie providing practical or technical tools for the exercise of a profession which has recently become known as “skills” to develop a job and which is the fate of those who do not study in the next cycle will continue, the skilled worker; b) the Propaedeutic Abitur, which prepares to be accepted into one of the career options offered by the universities, in this option we find those who have a life planning with career and even higher education in mind, who have a slightly better family income and, in general, their parents’ education is higher than what they claim to be enrolled in the first option. Then we have the higher education profession, regularly lasting from 4 to 8 years, depending on the chosen career; This was followed by a master’s degree and doctorate with a duration of 2 and 3 years respectively.

The situation of young people in Mexico is easy to describe, but difficult to explain and much more to internalize, because poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, all of which are manifested in the phenomenon of migration and vandalism, make our youth an exciting topic.

Taking the latest information regarding young people, it is the 2005 National Youth Survey conducted by the Mexican Institute of Youth through the Center for Research and Studies on Youth and published in May 2006 The Age Considered for the Survey is 12 to 29 years in the entire territory of the Mexican Republic, the age divisions are 12-14 years, 15-19 (it’s the one we use for the article), 20-24 and 25-29 years.

Between the ages of 15 and 19, only 61% of young people study and a further 7.5% study and work, while 16% neither study nor work. 37.5% of the young …

🥇 [2021] High school students in Mexico I