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馃 [2021] How do you homologate a foreign title? I

2 julio, 2021

If you have studied abroad and have decided to continue studying or working in Spain, you need to make sure that you do all of them necessary procedures for the accreditation of the completed studies and for the implementation of the corresponding translations, if necessary. In addition, you will need to manage all the papers associated with the transfer. Keep in mind that performing some of these procedures remotely can be more complicated. While some procedures can be completed from here, it is convenient that you complete all possible procedures, such as: B. de-registration at the Spanish consulate or embassy or the closure of a bank account.

When crediting your studies abroad, take into account that there are different procedures and, depending on the objectives, one or the other is advantageous for you. So we have to differentiate between:

It is important to start one of these processes if you want to continue formal studies in Spain or enter a regulated profession. As you will see below, the procedures to follow will vary depending on the level and type of study you wish to access.

In addition, depending on the country of study, you have to legalization of the title. This procedure is not required if the title was issued by a member state of the EU, by one of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or by Switzerland. Countries that have signed the Hague Convention only need the apostille, which confirms the authenticity of the signature. Legalization is required for the other countries.

Certification of qualifications

Foreign non-university degrees

To attend a course in the. to participate Compulsory education (Primary education or compulsory secondary education) or for implementation Studies at all levels, courses or modalities for which the completion of upper secondary level is not a prerequisite, No pre-study equivalency procedure is required. Integration into the relevant studies can take place directly in the chosen center in accordance with the applicable regulations.

It is possible to apply for the recognition of the equivalence of the school education of a foreign study comparable to the 2nd or 3rd ESO. The prerequisite for this is an eight- or nine-year school education in a foreign system. This procedure was set up with the aim of making it easier for these people to access certain jobs …

馃 [2021] How do you homologate a foreign title? I